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Plan Your Degree & Courses

Plan Your Term

Once you have a general outline for your degree, it’s time to map out your courses. An academic plan prepares you for success and helps you strike the right balance when determining your course load and choosing both electives and required courses. We recommend enrolling in course planning activities and that you take advantage of available assistance from our Academic Advisors. They can help personalize your plan and guide you as you select the optimal combination of courses needed to reach your goals.

The most up-to-date information about specific requirements for the SFU Beedie School of Bachelor of Business Administration program is found on the SFU Academic Calendar. This information should be consulted when creating your academic plan.

Review the requirements checklist that matches your year of admission to the BBA Major program:

Unsure which checklist applies or if you can move years? Don’t see your admission year listed? Connect with an Academic Advisor.

Course outlines communicate critical information about a class such as learning outcomes, delivery format, expectations, reading lists, assessment formats and more. Different professors often teach the same course in different ways, with varying expectations. It is important to evaluate a course outline to determine how it will fit in with your overall workload and personality.

SFU Beedie Course Outlines

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    Course outlines usually contain all relevant details about prerequisites. General information about Business Major program and course requirements resides on the SFU Academic Calendar entry for SFU Beedie School of Business.

    When to See an Advisor

    From your first day as an SFU Beedie student, a team of experienced Academic Advisors is ready to field your degree planning questions. We recommend meeting with an advisor at least a week in advance of your enrollment date (typically in the third month of the term). Come prepared with your questions and a draft term schedule. Drop by early, as the first few months of school are a busy time and appointment times fill quickly.

    All students admitted to an undergraduate degree at SFU must complete a minimum of 36 units of Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth (WQB) designated courses, with a grade of C- or better. Students transferring from a BC college with 60 units should consider completing some transferable WQB courses prior to admission to SFU.

    WQB courses develop the writing and quantitative abilities desired by employers and can increase your probability of gaining admission to graduate (GREs) and professional schools (LSATs). Learn more about WQB requirements at SFU’s Undergraduate Curriculum Initiative webpage.

    The Beedie School of Business offers 9 concentrations for BBA students to choose from. If you are interested in a specific concentration, please complete the BBA Concentration Application Form to declare your concentration. You may change your declaration at any time. If you wish to modify your declaration, please resubmit the application form.

    Selecting a concentration(s) and charting your courses is a critical element of your degree plan, but it just one part of a much bigger picture. Real-world experiences outside the classroom are what bring your learning to life. Enhance your degree and boost your career prospects with experiential learning activities. 

    • Explore co-operative education opportunities that deliver skills and competencies in your area of concentration.
    • Consider a Study Abroad experience to gain new perspectives on the global nature of business.
    • Get involved with the student clubs and organizations that provide opportunities to engage with like-minded peers.
    • Pursue Case Competitions and other opportunities that challenge you to think critically about the real business challenges in your area(s) of concentration.

    Adjusting to a new academic environment can be challenging, but it is also an opportunity to learn study and time management skills. From success strategies and tools to GPA calculators, the SFU Student Services Academic Advising offers resources and advice for success inside and outside the classroom.