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SFU Canadian Coding League

The SFU Canadian Coding League, hosted by PixelPAD, provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to engage in coding challenges throughout the school year. Beginners and advanced coders alike can reap numerous benefits that fuel their coding journey and propel them towards success.

With every challenge students tackle in the League, they strengthen their problem-solving abilities, algorithmic thinking, and programming techniques. The iterative hands-on challenges will help students excel in their academic pursuits and future careers.

Although not required for admission to the School of Computing Science at SFU nor the Beedie School of Business, engaging in extracurriculars like this can enrich a student's application to SFU and other post-secondary institutions.

The competition aims to test students' algorithmic design, programming skills, and understanding, and students may also choose to refer to their experiences when applying to scholarships.

The SFU Canadian Coding League takes a comprehensive approach to coding. The League encourages collaboration within multidisciplinary groups spanning developers, artists, musicians, and storytellers. Spanning a year-long period with regular challenges, the league provides students with a platform to continuously build and showcase their coding abilities.

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