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Student Involvement Awards

At the end of every Academic Year, SFU's Beedie School of Business and its Student Engagement & Development Office (SEDO) host the Student Involvement Awards presented at the BASS Celebration Gala. These awards celebrate and recognize the milestones and accomplishments of students, events and programs, faculty, and alumni that contribute to the co-curricular Student Experience.


Nominations for the 2023 Student Involvement Awards are now closed. Please stay tuned for future updates and opportunities.


  • Initiatives and efforts from SFU Beedie Undergraduates (BBA and BUS Minor), Business Focused Student Organizations, Joint Initiatives, and Faculty and Alumni that support co-curricular experiences at the BsB
  • Individuals or groups that have been involved with the SFU Beedie community
  • Any Beedie Student who meets the award criteria and eligibility described in each award criteria
  • Past Student Involvement awards recipients can still be nominated in a category different than the one they earned in the past year.


  • A student nominating another student or student group
  • Alumni, Faculty/Staff or industry professionals nominating a student or student group
  • Student, Alumni, Faculty/Staff nominating Alumni and Faculty for applicable awards
  • Self-nominations can be submitted, however the endorsement of someone else is preferred

Individual awards

Nominees must:

  • Be enrolled in BBA Major or Minor program
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 
  • Be in good academic standing

Group awards

Nominees must:

  • Be a SFU Beedie-sponsored/recognized student organizations or joint-initiative
  • Have a project, event or program that has taken place during the nomination period

Nominations must be detailed, unique, and meet word count criteria as set out in the nomination form in order to be considered. Incomplete and/or mass-produced nomination packages will not be considered.


The Student Leader of the Year is presented to a member of the SFU Beedie Undergraduate program who has taken on a formal leadership role and has gone above and beyond for the SFU Beedie community. It recognizes the individual's exceptional performance, growth, and commitment to their areas of involvement, as well as their diligence to inspire those around them.


The SFU Beedie School of Business has seen a year full of remarkable case competition performances, and this award will recognize one individual who has demonstrated a sense of fair play, dedication, and excellence in their role as a case competitor.


The Mentor of the Year award recognizes the commitment of an individual who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship abilities to support, encourage, connect, and foster growth in a mentee. This award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional ability to guide, mentor, and encourage other individuals (mentees) in a respectful, responsible, and mature manner.


An individual in the SFU Beedie community who strives to improve and create new ways of thinking or approaching the status quo. Creating innovative ideas or opportunities to transform or improve upon the learning, growth, culture, processes, or policies in the SFU Beedie community. This individual will embody the SFU Beedie core values of Diversity, Action, Research and Engagement with Purpose, to generate impact through innovation, agility, and thoughtful experimentation.


The Emerging Leader Award goes to a first-year student who has displayed an eagerness to get involved, an exceptional work ethic in school and beyond the classroom and contributes to the SFU Beedie community in a meaningful way. This award recognizes the exemplary personal and professional growth the student has experienced, as a reflection of the quality of their community involvement.


The Inspirational Leader Award is presented to a student who has fostered inspiration amongst those they work with. They may have persisted through setbacks, uncertainty, and challenging circumstances. The individual may be advancing a cause in a way that inspires and unites others to join them, compounding their overall impact. Their character, actions, and words help foster teamwork to ensure projects, initiatives, or deadlines are met, and leave their communities thriving better than before. This award is not limited to students with a formal title or leadership role. Inspiring others stems from commitment to the community, exemplifying values, and helping others grow their potential, and bringing out the best in others.


An individual who has contributed to Beedie and SFU's sustainability goals and priorities of ecological, social, and economic responsibility. This individual may have developed an initiative or contributed to programming, events, research, or awareness that strives to inspire or practice responsible sustainability. Sustainability reflects a long-term vision and care in the work they do, building humane processes, policies, and programming that create capacity, and a positive, mindful legacy to benefit the present and future to come.


An individual who creates and/or maintains opportunities of engagement with the surrounding community or within SFU (outside of Beedie). This individual has a positive social, civic, cultural, or environmental impact on the community they work with, and contributes to supporting values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Offering meaningful community connections, they will have demonstrated long-term-oriented engagement, based on sustained relationships with internal and external stakeholders. The community or communities impacted will have built greater competence, understanding and interdependence among the participants, organizers, and community collaborators (e.g. alumni, instructors, industry professionals, subject matter experts, etc.)


This Award recognizes an outstanding SFU Beedie School of Business Alumni, whose voluntary contributions have significantly enhanced the co-curricular student experience. This individual has demonstrated their commitment to developing individuals and organizations, as well as encouraging engagement in the SFU Beedie community.


The Faculty Recognition Award acknowledges an outstanding faculty member whose voluntary contributions have significantly enhanced the student experience outside of the classroom. This individual has demonstrated their commitment to developing individuals and organizations, as well as encouraging engagement in the SFU Beedie community.


The Event of the Year Award recognizes an event that has had a significant impact on the SFU Beedie Community. It acknowledges the organizers' outstanding commitment throughout the planning and execution process. The Event of the Year is awarded to an event that reflects the values of creativity, innovation, and engagement within the SFU Beedie Community. Events include both online and in-person events.


The Student Organization of the Year is awarded to a SFU Beedie-sponsored student organization that has demonstrated excellence in the areas of community engagement, collaboration, innovation, and leadership development. It will also acknowledges the organization's overall contribution to the SFU Beedie Community and the impact on external communities beyond SFU Beedie.


The Program of the Year recognizes a program that has had a significant impact on the Beedie Community. The Program of the Year is awarded to a program whose team members have dedicated themselves to excellence in both inspiring students and in giving back to the community, and whose participants gained exceptional value from completing the program.

Programs are initiatives that take place over several weeks. Examples include a series of workshops, discussions, or sessions, and may include a cohort start and end the program together (i.e. a set group of participants that continue their involvement throughout a period of 3 weeks or more).


The Experiential Learning award recognizes a student or organization who has engaged in experiential education that has created an opportunity for reflection, critical analysis and synthesis. They have demonstrated an active engagement, posed questions, investigated, experimented, been curious, problem solved, assumed responsibility, displayed creativity, and constructed meaning from their experience. They have taken their class experience beyond the classroom to expand understanding and knowledge of the subject matter in an authentic manner.


The Student Engagement and Development Office (SEDO) accepts and review nominations to ensure nominations are unique, meet the minimum word count requirement, eligibility requirements, and award criteria.

Nominations are presented to an Adjudication Committee comprised of SFU Beedie Faculty and Staff Members.

The Adjudication Committee does not contain SEDO staff, BASS Executives, case competition coaches or current SFU Beedie students to have an equitable selection process. SEDO Staff are present during adjudication for moderation purposes, but do not have voting/voice rights in the space.