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Your education doesn’t only take place in the classroom. Join an SFU Beedie School of Business Sponsored Organization to develop team-building and leadership skills and to grow amongst people who share your passions. SFU Beedie is home to more than 10 student organizations, as well as a number of joint initiatives supported by the Career Management Centre.

SFU Beedie School of Business Sponsored Organizations

Want to experience the world? AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, provides youth with international internship opportunities. It is a platform for young people to work or volunteer abroad, challenge their mindsets, develop their leadership skills, and create a positive social impact on communities.



The SFU Accounting Student Association (ASA) initiates and maintains fellowship between SFU students who are interested in the field of accounting. We provide opportunities for networking with accounting professionals and for students to gain real insight into the accounting industry through various sponsored events.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFUASA

Axis Consulting is a student-led pro-bono consultancy that unites emerging student leaders to realize their potential and help our clients elevate their capabilities.

We serve businesses and non-for-profits by researching and delivering operational strategies and work with our clients to tackle their most important challenges and identify their greatest opportunities. We are committed to providing an experiential dimension to your education by bringing diverse perspectives together on real consulting projects, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFUAxisConsulting

The Business Administration Student Society (BASS) is the Faculty Student Union for SFU Beedie School of Business representing the 4,300 undergraduate business students studying at Simon Fraser University. Our mission is to connect, empower, and inspire the next generation of student leaders through quality run events and programs.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFUBASS

The BASS Mentorship Program is a single semester jumpstart for first year business students admitted directly to SFU Beedie School of Business from high school. The BASS Mentorship Program focuses on the relationship between mentor and mentee and builds this though fun and competitive team activities at each of its four events. Our goal is to help every first year gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive in SFU Beedie School of Business.


Contact: | Facebook | @BASSMentorship

CaseIT is an Organizing Committee consisting of SFU undergraduates ranging from a multitude of faculties. They plan and execute SFU Beedie School of Business’ annual international undergraduate business case competition with a strong Management Information Systems (MIS) focus, as well as a local Business Technology Management (BTM) case competition called PIVOT. Their international world-class competition is a forum where strong IT and business students from universities all around the world can showcase their skills in areas such as case and strategic IT analysis, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking to a panel of industry professionals.


Contact: | Facebook | @CaseIT

Enactus SFU is a student-run organization that creates innovative programs utilizing the triple bottom-line to better our surrounding community. Part of a global family of over 60,000 students, across 1,600 teams in 38 countries, Enactus is an organization that dedicates itself to bettering the world around us. We also run programs like SFU Entrepreneur of the Year, which provides experienced and aspiring student entrepreneurs with the skills and resources to make their dreams a reality. Enactus is more than just a student organization; it is a way of life.

At Enactus SFU, we dare to do.


Contact: | Facebook | @EnactusSFU

SFU Finance Club is a not-for-profit, student-oriented organization that brings together enthusiastic students in the field of finance. The objectives of the organization are to initiate and maintain fellowship between SFU students who are interested in the field of finance, establish close ties between SFU and the Finance/Investment profession, and assist in job search and career direction.

Advance Together At Finance Club.

Contact: | Facebook | @SFUFinanceClub

The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) aims to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds of Human Resource Management. We provide a forum for students interested in HR to meet and interact with their peers and professionals. HRSA provides members with valuable networking opportunities, informative workshops presented by industry professionals, and social events. The organization’s executives are committed to providing a fun and friendly atmosphere while providing as many resources to members as possible.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFU_HRSA

MIS is all about learning to live in two worlds: the world of information technology and the world of business. The most important skills are the ability to effectively communicate and translate business and technical perspectives to people throughout an organization. Our value as MIS trained professionals is derived from our ability to enable business innovation and support organizational change.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFU_MISA

JDC West brings together 600 students from twelve universities across Western Canada, for a three-day competition, to compete in the areas of academics, debate, athletics and social challenges. It gives business students an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real world business situations while enhancing networking, critical thinking and leadership skills. After months of preparation, the ultimate goal is to be named School of the Year.

Each year the SFU Captains select 48 highly spirited individuals with a passion for self-improvement, an interest for expanding their horizons and an aptitude for competition, to represent SFU Beedie School of Business.

Make the leap. Experience JDC West.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFUJDCWest

The Student Marketing Association (SMA) is SFU’s creative and innovative marketing-based student organization. We aim to foster a dynamic learning environment by hosting a wide variety of events, ranging from speaker series, agency tours, networking events, workshops and charity fundraisers. Our goal is to connect SMA members with the marketing industry and to complement relevant knowledge from the classroom with real-world experiences relating to marketing professions.


Contact: | Facebook | @SFUSMA

YWiB SFU is a Young Women in Business (YWiB) Network university chapter that brings diverse, passionate SFU leaders together and focuses primarily on mentorship, relationship-building and facilitated growth, YWiB SFU provides relevant and constructive learning tailored to the needs of SFU female leaders. YWiB SFU is created for any female student who is looking to grow and learn. Despite our name Young Women in “Business”, we aim to be inclusive by involving women from various faculties. YWiB understands that all women, regardless of profession or area of study, are in the business of creating their career.


Contact: | Facebook | @YWiBSFU

Want to get involved with a club or organization, but not sure which one? Meet with a coordinator in the Student Engagement and Development Office to learn about involvement opportunities, or email