Beedie Urban Development Program

A select group of 25 students will be chosen for the SFU Beedie Urban Development Program. These students will learn the fundamentals of urban development through a series of interactive workshops and have exclusive opportunities to network with top urban development professionals. The eight-week program schedule is as follows:

Workshops and Office Tours

A series of workshops will be delivered by experienced industry professionals over the course of eight weeks. Designed to be interactive and engaging, the program will give students the chance to enhance their knowledge of the urban development industry. Each workshop will feature a one hour lesson on the weekly topic, followed by an interactive case study. Participants will also have access to exclusive office tours with prominent urban development firms. Through these tours, participants will have the chance to see firsthand how a development firm is run and to make connections with potential employers.

Week Focus


Career Development
An opportunity for students to refine and re-develop their resumes with SFU Beedie's Career Managment Centre.
2Building Design 
The role of architectural design and community development process.
3Urban Planning
The city and its residents as stakeholders. Some areas of focus include zoning for whom, approvals, and community advocacy.
4Land Assembly 
Re-zoning requirements and how developers acquire and accumulate new development opportunities. 
5Project Feasibility
Topics include long term planning, proforma development, lending, and approval timelines.
Introducing the approval process, public-private relationships, and the interdependence between various departments.
7Sales and Marketing 
Legal requirements and the contract writing process. Vancouver-specific marketing strategy is also covered. 
The commercial industry and brokerage. Topics include the leasing process, market trends, and contract review.
9Industry Night
Celebratory reception to finish off the program, including a keynote speaker, networking with industry professionals, and refreshments.