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 The program is set up for students to immerse themselves in learning on a weekly, intensive basis. This ensures that participants will be best prepared coming the Consulting recruitment period: full-time recruit starts in the Fall and internships range from Fall-Spring recruitment.

The first half of the program
focusses on building a tool-kit and understanding the world of case interviews, and why it is important to succeed. The 4 overarching areas that are explored, developed, and refine are Analysis, Structuring, Communication and Business Acumen. Excelling in these 4 areas, on top of understanding different types of business cases, is paramount for this career. It is also important to understand and refine behavioural/fit interviews, which play a significant part in the interview rounds, and are often not given enough emphasis. These interviews will also be discussed with best practices.

The second half of the program
focusses on firm visits and mock interviews. The firm visits are to create networking opportunities exclusively for the program participants, as well as a chance for participants to learn about the different firms outside of what is seen on paper. This is a chance for not only for firms to pick students, but for students to best understand how a firm differentiates itself from others. Mock interviews are planned to simulate a real interview, with either Alumnis or Consultants who have excelled in these interviews.

Outside of scheduled program times,
participants are asked to do a minimum number of business case interviews, ranging from 25-30 to be recommended to firms and officially complete the program. This is primarily up to the scheduling of each participant. Roughly half of the minimum required cases will be organized for participants to do following the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, where as the other half is the responsibility of the participant individually. This is done to not only ensure proper practice, but to also bring about a cohort model where participants can learn from each other throughout the summer.

We are always working to improve the program structure year-over-year and pay close attention to areas where the program is needed to improve from previous years. We believe that with constant improvement, we will ensure SFU students are continually polished for a career in consulting.