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Marketing Accelerator Program

Program Structure

MAP bridges the gap from exceptional students to exceptional careers by developing interview abilities, marketing skills, hands-on portfolio development, and exclusive networking opportunities with incredible companies.

The program is set up for students to immerse themselves in learning on a weekly, intensive basis. This ensures that participants will be best prepared for any marketing focused interview. MAP brings in industry experts to lead workshops in specific areas, startups to provide portfolio opportunities for the cohort, firms to host exclusive tours, and mentors to guide the students throughout their journey.


To apply, please refer to the Beedie Community website’s job portal and submit the required components listed on the job posting to be considered for interviews. Applications for non-business students* are located on the myExperience page.

Interview Process

Select number of applicants will be invited to the interview rounds. Students who pass the application screening process will advance to the interview rounds. There are two rounds of interviews which will be published closer to the recruitment phase.

Students who succeed in both interview rounds will be invited to participate in the program for the year.


As landing a position in this industry is very competitive (roughly less than 1% of applications advance to an offer), we balance the opportunity for students to get involved in this program with the requirements of the industry itself.


Drive can be shown in any experience a student has gone through. Drive is demonstrated through initiative, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.


Being able to lead, motivate, and provide feedback are all essential components in being a strong team player. Leadership abilities can be expressed through a variety of situations a student has been placed in.


This experience is shown through both professional experience as well as extracurricular involvement. These experiences(s) must show your aptitude for essential skills for a career in marketing, such as creative, practice, relationship management, and analytical capabilities, etc.


There is no particular minimum GPA cut-off for entry into MAP since, in keeping with benchmarks for entry into the marketing field, a GPA does not in and of itself necessarily reflect a person’s skill or working ability. However, to succeed in MAP, all candidates need to demonstrate their ability to balance their education with the workload and outcome expectations of this intensive program.

* In partnership with SFU Beedie CMC, 80% of seats are to be held for Business students (defined as Majors, Minors, and Joint-Majors), while 20% are open to non-Business students.