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Marketing Accelerator Program


The support of firms and professionals are integral to MAP. It provides an opportunity for students to connect with employees, managers, and recruiters, learn about the incredible marketing opportunities available for them to apply to, and understand the culture of the organization.

It can be challenging as a university student to gain professional relationships with key business people and marketing professionals in Vancouver, as most university events do not extend beyond a company tour with limited time to speak with employees.

Additionally, being able to be taught lessons by professionals, or doing work for a local start-up, can provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that are highly impactful.


Getting involved as a MAP Partner (as a company or professional) can provide you with a wide variety of benefits including employment opportunities, introduction to new perspectives, and an opportunity for community involvement.

All MAP program participants are currently seeking employment opportunities in either the form of full-time or internship/co-op roles.These are exceptional students who will have undergone extensive marketing training. You will have the ability to meet them on a personal level, have access to their resumes and portfolios, and show them why your organization would be a great fit.

Additionally, by working alongside or training MAP participants, you will be exposed to new ways of thinking and form bonds with people who will be entering the workforce shortly.

Exclusive Office Visit

Host the MAP cohort participants in an interactive workshop/lesson/office tour at your company.

Benefits for you:

  • Access to interact with the MAP cohort participants.
  • Ability to showcase your company and benefits to the cohort participants.
  • A copy of the resume book and portfolio book (contains work and resumes of all participants)

Workshop Presenter

Attend a MAP learning session and present on a subject matter of your expertise.

Benefits for you:

  • Ability to meet and interact with the MAP cohort participants.
  • Opportunity to share knowledge and give back to a university program.

Portfolio Partner

Provide a real-life marketing assignment, in which MAP participants will complete real work for your organization over the time span of two weeks. You can utilize this work for free provided that students will be able to keep their assignment work for their portfolios.

Benefits for you:

  • Receive free marketing work from the program participants
  • Ability to meet and interact with program participants.


Mentor one student over the duration of the program providing them with insights into the industry and lessons that you learned throughout your career.

Benefits for you:

  • Opportunity to share knowledge and give back to a university program.
  • Ability to mentor and provide valuable insights to a student about to enter the marketing industry.