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Working with our network of global university partners and employers, SFU Beedie offers undergraduate students international study and work experiences. Become a true global citizen as you experience first-hand the rich complexities of different world economies and business practices. Earn credit towards your BBA while learning what it takes to lead in the global business environment.


Learn to thrive in the global marketplace on a semester abroad. Earn credits towards your SFU Beedie degree at one of our 65+ partner institutions around the world. Learn more.


Travel to another country to explore topics enriched by your destination’s cultural, environmental, and academic resources. Similar to an extended field trip, SFU Beedie field schools feature off-campus business courses for groups of 10 - 20 students.

Connect with a SFU Beedie Study Abroad Advisor about current SFU Beedie opportunities, or visit the SFU Field School page for details on how to apply.


Learn a new language, develop your skills and travel the world. An International Co-op term helps build a competitive resume with real-world experience. Adapt to a new cultural environment and unlock a world of international career opportunities.

Visit SFU Beedie Co-Operative Education for opportunities and eligibility.


Experience the world at home with programs focused on developing global perspectives on campus.

Virtual Global Learning (VGL)

Break down geographical barriers and work in virtual global teams on a joint project or activity. Using existing internet resources and online platforms, VGL connects you with students and instructors worldwide to promote cross-disciplinary interaction and international collaboration. Projects are administered jointly by SFU Beedie and a partner institution, and VGL is applicable within almost every subject area, not just courses with an international focus. Over a semester, you’ll improve your digital literacy, develop a diverse global network and boost your cross-cultural communication competencies. VGL offerings vary per semester; contact your Study Abroad Advisor to learn more:



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Exchange helped me become more of an international business student. I now have a better grasp of what it is like to be taught business in a Chinese university and I can now better understand how to conduct business with Chinese companies and business leaders. It also gave me the opportunity to practice the mandarin I learned at SFU.

Kyle Stapleton

Tsinghua University


I kicked off my travel experiences with a 3-day long bicycle tour to Mons Klint, a section of 120 m tall chalk cliffs on the island of Mons, south of Copenhagen. And boy, did it ever rain! Coming from Vancouver though, this was nothing new. So we carried on, cycling through rolling fields and tiny towns, sleeping in an old Danish man's backyard, pushing our bikes through herds of cows, and filling the air with laughter along the way. It was the perfect beginning to what has been blissful happiness ever since. With plans in place to explore the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, to see the fjords of the western coast of Norway, and to hike glaciers in Iceland, I can hardly wait for the experiences that are yet to come.

Maddie Millsip

Copenhagen Business School




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