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Exchange Credit

Exchange Credit and Course Planning

We have 65+ partnerships with some of the top international universities. During your time abroad, you’ll continue to earn credits towards your BBA degree while paying regular SFU tuition fees. Only approved BBA majors are eligible to select from the list of partner institutions.

Plan your courses in 6 steps:

Go to your host institution's website and search through its course offerings. Select courses that you would like to study abroad.

When selecting courses at your host institution, you want to ensure that the courses are being offered in the same term you will be studying abroad.  

Once you have a list of courses you would like to study abroad, download the detailed course outlines which should include the following:

  • Detailed course description/syllabus
  • Official course code and title
  • Institution name
  • Instructor's name and contact details
  • Course objective(s)
  • Term offered and weeks of duration (i.e. course dates)
  • Hours per week (i.e. lecture; lab; tutorial)
  • Weekly topics discussed
  • Method of evaluation and grading
  • Textbooks, reading lists used
  • Credit value at partner institution
  • Any pre-requisites required to take the course at the host institution
  • Course materials and/or assignments (optional, but please retain in case further documentation is needed)

Use the Course Planning Database to see if each course has been previously evaluated.

Check to see if the course code and course title are exactly the same as the detailed course outline from your host institution. If it is, you can assume that you will receive the “SFU Equivalency” upon returning from exchange.

If the course code or course title has changed, you must have the course re-evaluated.

If the course is not in the course planning database, you must have the course evaluated (see Step 4).

Evaluated courses in the Course Planning Database do not guarantee you exchange credit and SFU Beedie School of Business does not pre-approve exchange credit. It is not guaranteed that you will receive the same evaluation and these pre-evaluations should be used only as a guide for course planning purposes. Please note that this is a preliminary evaluation and is not guaranteed exchange credit as course information can change from term to term.

You will find that most universities are on different credit systems than SFU. Please understand that your courses taken abroad may or may not transfer back exactly like the SFU equivalent including level and unit value. We cannot guarantee the number of credits you will receive until your exchange evaluation application is reviewed and credits and courses are awarded.

In order to receive exchange credit, please make sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Pass the course
  • Ensure the course is an 'academic', credit-bearing course and is listed on your transcript
  • Ensure it is not a duplicate of a course you have taken at SFU
  • Apply for exchange credit

To assist you in course planning while you prepare to study abroad, you can request an evaluation of the courses you wish to study abroad before you actually go on exchange.

Get courses pre-evaluated for different institutions to help determine where you want to apply as well.

Do not re-submit courses for evaluation if they are already in the Course Planning Database. You will not be able to submit them.

To request an Exchange Credit Evaluation:

  1. Save the detailed course outlines as PDFs
  2. Ensure the detailed course outlines includes the details found in Step 2.
  3. Fill in and submit an Exchange Credit Evaluation Request. Log in using your SFU ID.
  4. Your requests will be evaluated. Please note that this process typically takes between 4-5 weeks from the time of your submission. Please allow yourself enough time to receive results before your course enrollment date.

Please note that SFU Beedie does not pre-award credit and does not guarantee pre-evaluations. As such, pre-evaluations should be used as a guide for course planning purposes only.

If you aren’t satisfied with your course evaluation results, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor at excredit_bsb@sfu.ca within two weeks of receiving your result. You may be asked to submit additional documentation.

You can use the following information to read your course evaluation. You can also download the information.

Course Equivalency

  • BUS 4XX: This 400 level course does not match a specific BUS course
  • BUS 4XX (Concentration): This course falls under an area of concentration (as indicated) but it is not an exact match to a specific course
  • BUS 4XX or GE 3XX: Business majors can choose which evaluation works best in their personal graduation check
  • Not Enough Information Given To Evaluate: The course outline obtained was not detailed enough to evaluate this course. If a full course description is submitted, it will be reconsidered.
  • Not Equivalent / There is no recognizable SFU equivalent to this course: Not equivalent to any "business" course indicates that although the course is not equivalent to a business course, it may be equivalent to a course in a different faculty at SFU.

Satisfying Requirements

SFU Course Number
Requirements BUS 4XX BUS 4XX (Concentration) BUS 4XX or GE 3XX
Upper Division BUS/BUEC non-BUS unit requirements Yes Yes Yes
(GE 3XX and BUS 4XX)
400 level BUS course requirements Yes Yes Yes
(BUS 4XX only)
400 level BUS concentration courses Yes
Elective unit requirements Yes Yes (GE 3XX only)
Total unit requirements

(GE 3XX and BUS 4XX)

You can begin your exchange credit application as soon as you’ve finalized your courses (and don’t anticipate any changes/drops) and you’ve collected the required course documentation. You aren’t required to wait until you’ve completed your exchange to begin your exchange credit application; you can begin as soon as you receive your exchange nomination. While we work with your indicated exchange credit evaluation preferences, evaluations by preferred departments and levels (lower or upper division) are not guaranteed.

Your finalized exchange credit is awarded through International Services for Students.

Visit the ISS Exchange Credit page for instructions on submitting your exchange credit applications.

Please note that formal exchange credit won’t appear on your transcript until International Services for Students receives your official transcript from your host institution.

Are you seeking WQB credit?

Not all exchange credited courses will meet a WQB requirement. Credit values and exchange credit evaluations can impact WQB eligibility, therefore pre-assessment is not a guarantee. For example, you may need a 3-unit B course, but if the exchange course is only worth 2 units, you may need to pick two courses to fulfill a B while abroad.

Upper division W must be completed at SFU. While it is possible to take lower division W on exchange, it is not recommended unless you are taking a traditional English composition course; otherwise it is too challenging to determine W-ness in terms of SFU's criteria of multiple writing assignments and skill building.

For WQB queries please email the Student Recruitment and Admission Office at admissionsteam@sfu.ca regarding your assessment inquiry. Please cc: excredit@sfu.ca on any of your requests to the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office.


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