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Exchange Programs

Take one of our long- or short-term SFU Beedie Study Abroad programs and build international connections while giving your education (and your CV) a global edge. You’ll be on your way to becoming a thinker with a world view and benefit from experiencing, first-hand, different economies, business practices and cultures.

Applications are open for the May application period for select institutions in Spring 2022. Start your application on the ISS website.

The ongoing global pandemic continues to create uncertainty for universities worldwide and for the feasibility of international travel. If you decide to apply for a Spring 2022 exchange term, you are recommended to thoroughly review these important considerations.

Your Study Abroad Options

Full-time exchanges

Study from one to three semesters at one or more of our partner institutions. As an exchange student, you are typically admitted as a full-time student at one of our partner universities.

Immerse yourself in a new culture and take courses with local students, experience a new academic system and receive credit for Business courses that may be unique from those offered at SFU Beedie.

Part-time or short-term exchanges

Study for less than a full semester at a partner institution. These experiences are typically four to six weeks, which makes them ideal if you’re unable to travel abroad for a full semester.

These exchanges are typically more cohort-based, where you’ll take the same course offerings as a group of international students while participating in cultural excursions and site visits. SFU Beedie's Office of International Programs also offers Field Schools and High Impact Summer Programs that give you a global perspective, while still being taught by an SFU Professor.

    Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and visa students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at SFU may apply to participate in the SFU exchange program.

    For detailed information regarding exchange eligibility, please visit the

    Eligibility and Selection page.

    In addition to the eligibility criteria, you must be an approved Business major in order to access institutions designated as a SFU Beedie Business Partner.

    Please note: Some exchange partners have additional eligibility criteria, such as CGPA or unit requirements. Find out what these are and if they affect you on our International Services for Students destinations page.

    We have 65+ partnerships with some of the top international universities. During your time abroad, you’ll continue to earn credits towards your BBA degree while paying regular SFU tuition fees. Only approved BBA majors are eligible to select from the list of partner institutions.

    Plan your courses in four steps:

    Step 1: Select your host institution courses.

    Go to your host institution’s website and search for their course offerings for your exchange term. Make a note of the courses that you want to take.

    You can find courses that past study abroad students have already taken and their SFU course equivalencies in our course planning database.

    Step 2: Request an Exchange Credit Evaluation

    To assist you in course planning while you prepare to study abroad, you can request an evaluation of the available courses. 

    1. Go to the Partner Institution’s website
    2. Find the detailed PDF Course Outline of the syllabus. This syllabus will need to include a summary of the course, required readings, grading breakdowns and weekly topics.
    3. Fill in and submit a Exchange Credit Evaluation Request.
    4. Your requests will be evaluated. Please note that this process typically takes between 4-5 weeks from the time of your submission. Please allow yourself enough time to receive results before your course enrollment date.

    Please note that SFU Beedie does not pre-award credit and does not guarantee pre-evaluations. As such, pre-evaluations should be used as a guide for course planning purposes only.

    If you aren’t satisfied with your course evaluation results, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor at excredit_bsb@sfu.ca within two weeks of receiving your result. You may be asked to submit additional documentation.

    Step 3: Review course evaluations

    For information on how to read course evaluations, please view our course planning legend.

    Step 4: Apply for Exchange Credit

    You can begin your exchange credit application as soon as you’ve finalized your courses (and don’t anticipate any changes/drops) and you’ve collected the required course documentation. You aren’t required to wait until you’ve completed your exchange to begin your exchange credit application; you can begin as soon as you receive your exchange nomination. While we work with your indicated exchange credit evaluation preferences, evaluations by preferred departments and level (lower or upper division) are not guaranteed.

    Formal exchange credit is awarded through International Services for Students. Please visit the ISS Exchange Credit page for instructions on submitting your exchange credit applications.

    Please note that formal exchange credit won’t appear on your transcript until International Services for Students receives your official transcript from your host institution.

    Are you seeking WQB credit?

    Not all exchange credit courses will meet a WQB requirement. Credit values and exchange credit evaluations can impact WQB eligibility, therefore pre-assessment is not a guarantee. For example, you may need a 3-unit B course, but if the exchange course is only worth 2 units, you may need to pick two courses to fulfill a B while abroad.

    Upper division W must be completed at SFU. While it is possible to take lower division W on exchange, it is not recommended unless you are taking a traditional English composition course; otherwise it is too challenging to determine W-ness in terms of SFU's criteria of multiple writing assignments and skill building.

    For WQB queries please email the Student Recruitment and Admission Office at admissionsteam@sfu.ca regarding your assessment inquiry. Please cc: excredit@sfu.ca on any of your requests to the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office.

    The cost of studying abroad may be less than you think. Strategic planning can match you with a program that meets both your budget and academic goals. Plus, you pay regular tuition and student fees to SFU and not to the host institution.

    Destination, program length and type of program are all factors affecting program affordability. However, in many instances, the costs of studying abroad are comparable to studying in Canada. There are also funding opportunities, financial aid and supporting resources available at SFU Beedie to help with the overall costs of a global education.

    Expenses to consider when planning your international learning experience include: roundtrip airfare, tuition/fees, accommodations, living expenses/food, books and materials, local travel/transit, exchange fees and visas.

    Cost comparison information

    Note: Tuition is at the “normal” rate per unit. International and domestic rates apply. Full-time exchanges: 12 units of SFU credit. Part-time exchanges: based on the number of units taken abroad. Additional information available on the SFU Student Services website. 

    SFU Beedie recognizes the positive impact of educating students within a global context. We encourage students to extend their learning beyond our borders, which develops diversity in the academic community. Interested in funding? Search through the SFU Beedie-related awards below, or view more Study Abroad Awards.

    Beedie Study Abroad Award

    Value of Awards: Up to $1,000

    Deadline: The application is integrated into your Study Abroad Application and is due on the Study Abroad Deadline, May 31, 2021, at 11:59 PM.

    About the Award: To support students studying abroad while on exchange, SFU Beedie has provided funding to assist students with the costs of travel and living expenses while abroad.

    Eligibility: At the time of application, all undergraduate exchange applicants must

    • Be an approved Business Major student
    • Have a minimum 2.00 CGPA and be in good academic standing in the term of eligibility
    • Be enrolled in a minimum of nine units in the term of eligibility (students participating in part-time or short-term exchanges are not eligible)
    • Apply to AND be accepted for a full-time SFU Formal Exchange Program
    • Apply to AND be accepted to a Business Preferred Partner*

    *Business students nominated to a non-Beedie Business Partners for their exchange term are not eligible for the Beedie Study Abroad Award, but will be considered for the Diamond International Mobility award and the International Mobility Award (IMA) instead. Learn more about the International Mobility Awards.

    Barry Macdonald Award in Business Administration

    Value of Awards: up to $2,500

    About the Award: Awarded annually for the summer term

    Eligibility: Awarded annually to students who

    • Enrolled in the Faculty of Business Administration
    • Are registered in a semester exchange, co-op work placement, field school or dual degree program

    Ben West Student Exchange Annual Award

    Value of Awards: Up to $1,000

    About the Award: The Ben West Student Exchange Annual Award was established at Simon Fraser University in 2006 by Mr. Ben West. Mr. West graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Simon Fraser University in 2003. The Award will be granted by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee.

    Eligibility: Awarded annually to students who

    • Show good academic standing in their third or fourth year of any undergraduate program
    • Are registered to participate in a one term exchange
    • Demonstrate outstanding community service
    • Are preferably enrolled in the Faculty of Business Administration pursuing an exchange in Asia


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