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Avedeep Nijjar

MIS & Finance

BBA Candidate

“I'm working on starting EDGE SFU to support students who might not have the same opportunities as other students. The goal is to help to provide financial support, scholarships, and job postings. It’s a lot of work getting this club off the ground, but I enjoy helping other students.”

SFU Beedie's first ever co-Chair for the EDGE Leadership Program (EDI in Canadian schools), IWD Gala Chair for YWiB, and long-time mentor and soccer coach for youth. Incredibly passionate about giving back.

My experience at SFU Beedie

Try as many new experiences as you can and explore opportunities outside your comfort zone. You’ll learn a lot about the world and about yourself.

What's been your favorite part of the program? Do you have a course or a lesson or a professor that really sticks out to you?

My favorite class would be BUS 360W, the communications for business writing class and the professor, Kevin Stewart, was great as well. I really liked it because everything you learned seemed like it was applicable to the real world, and definitely handy for my co-op experience. It was about sending out professional emails, writing memos, writing letters, just dealing with situations that a business can deal with – things that I could use in my everyday life once I graduate and start my career.

What inspired you to study business at SFU

There’s always been a part of business that interests me, both the entrepreneurial side and the finance side. We also have a family business of our own and, because of that, I felt inspired to take this path. I’ve learned so much from being in this program – it's been great!

My journey

My goals and ambitions have changed a lot during my time at SFU Beedie as I have had opportunities to try different courses or co-op positions and find out what I enjoy most. In my first year, I was really new to business so I joined everything. Initially, I was really interested in going into operations management, but when I started taking finance classes I realized I enjoyed that more. I also thought I was interested in accounting, but after taking a few accounting classes, I realized that it was not for me. The degree I’m doing is in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS), so I do like the technical side of business as well. My last co-op was as a business analyst, which was very technical, and after taking that co-op role, I realized that I did not want to pursue that as a career – I like more of a client facing role. I’d say that the biggest turning point for me was figuring out where I wanted to take my degree.

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