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BBA: Cedric Tanafranca

BBA Student (2nd year)

“My first year at SFU Beedie has been full of highlights that have made my university experience unforgettable. These highlights consist of my experiences in the classroom, clubs, and programs. I can proudly say I have grown significantly being an involved part of the SFU community.”

My journey

During high school, I was unsure what to study in post-secondary and had to choose between health sciences, engineering, and business. As university applications began, I eventually decided on business. Many family members, including my parents, have business-related occupations, which led me to follow a similar path. Business majors have many opportunities to develop valuable and transferable skills, such as written and oral communication, teamwork, project management, strategic thinking and analysis, problem-solving skills, and much more.

In the business administration program, there are so many concentrations to choose from. I am interested in finance, management information systems, operations management, human resources, and strategic analysis. I took general courses and participated in extracurriculars with the hope that these experiences would help me choose my specialization. After a year of taking introductory courses and extracurriculars, I am leaning towards management information systems, operations management, or finance. Before I am required to declare my concentration, I hope to take away as much as possible from my classes and extracurriculars to help support my decision.

During 12th grade, I participated in the SFU Enactus Bright Ideas program and the UBC Enactus Ennovate program. My participation in these two programs taught me the importance of extracurriculars, as I gained skills that I might not necessarily be able to develop in just the classroom. I gained an early understanding of club structures and how they function to support the community while helping members develop their skills, which motivated me to get involved with the SFU Beedie community.

My experience at SFU Beedie

Getting involved in the community helped me step out of my comfort zone and create meaningful relationships and experiences that I will carry throughout my undergrad. It has allowed me to expand my network and meet some of my closest friends. I also developed essential skills such as written and oral communication, time management, critical thinking, and teamwork.

As a case competitor at SFU DECA, I placed second in the International Business category during DECA Canada Nationals 2022. This experience has helped me develop my communication and critical thinking skills while providing a better understanding of consulting and recommending a solution that offers the most value to clients, and DECA Canada recognized my efforts with the New Member of the Year award. I continued to show my passion for the club by offering mentorship, attending events, providing support, and consistently partaking in extra practice.

As a corporate relations coordinator for SFU’s Human Resources Student Association (HRSA), I secured sponsorships totalling $7,200 in value with my partner, which was a contributing factor in the event winning Event of the Year at the Business Administration Student Society (BASS) Celebration Gala. 

As the vice-chair of external relations for Axis Consulting, a student-led pro-bono consultancy at SFU, I secured various sponsorships and partnered with KPMG, the case sponsor for the Summer Consulting Challenge. Getting the chance to be the main line of communication with a big four company and hosting an event with them was a big highlight in my first year.

As a team leader for talent management at SFU’s chapter of AIESEC, an international organization of young people developing leadership, I hosted many events and developed a greater appreciation for the friendships and relationship-building that happens at these events. 

At the annual BASS Celebration Gala, I was awarded Emerging Leader of the Year, an award recognizing a first-year student who has displayed an eagerness to get involved, contributed to the SFU Beedie community in a meaningful way, and shown an exceptional work ethic in school and beyond. Winning this award was an immense highlight of my first year as it recognized my growth, hard work, effort, and community involvement.

My BBA major comprised of:


Business Administration

Student engagement

SFU Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)

SFU Collegiate DECA Canada


SFU Business Administration Student Society (BASS) Mentorship Program

Case Competition training program

Where I am today

I have recently completed my role as a LAUNCH Leader and started a new position with Enactus as the Vice President of Events. I plan to continue getting involved with the SFU Beedie community and taking on higher leadership roles where I can continue to develop my skills. I will continue to step out of my comfort zone and put myself in positions where I can grow personally and professionally. In five to ten years, I hope to have made the best of my undergraduate experience by being involved with the community, maintaining an above-average GPA, doing co-op, and going on exchange.

I aspire to work for a large technology company, financial institution, or big four company or take on a more significant role with a small, growing business. I see myself having a work-life balance and making the best of my youth while developing my career.