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BBA: John (Sun) Kim


BBA Student

“I want to demonstrate that our next generation has what it takes to solve difficult problems and lead important industries.”


A difficult part of my academic journey was figuring out what I wanted through my undergraduate program. It took some time to realize that I enjoyed innovating the areas of work, energy, and business relationships.

My decision to pursue a joint major in Computer Science and MIS combines my love for problem-solving with the goal to understand how business processes and work designs can impact the success of organizations.


My time at SFU Beedie has helped me build my own business, a solar energy start up, with my friend and business partner, Darian Shirzadi. This last year we've grown to over $1 million in annual revenues through a turnkey solar product.

My first exposure to renewable energy was at SFU's Peak Case Competition. Our case focused on implementing rechargeable batteries to provide lighting solutions in parts of India with various energy infrastructures. The constraints of energy really stood out to me during this competition.

In terms of my academics, BUS 303 was an interesting course because it taught me how to make difficult decisions when there are multiple right choices. BUS 201 stood out to me with its focus on making faster decisions under imperfect circumstances. BUS 374 helped me realize that an organization’s greatest asset is its people.

Overall, SFU helped me create rewarding and fulfilling work for myself and others in its community.



Bachelor of Business Administration: Computer Science and Management Information Systems

Student Engagement

  • Peak case competition
  • Investment Banking Prep Program


My plan is to graduate SFU while continuing to innovate work designs and energy solutions. I want to demonstrate that our next generation has what it takes to solve difficult problems and lead important industries.

As such, I believe that I can position my business to make an even greater impact through larger scale commercial projects. I am also excited to see how evolutions in technology can impact the implementation and use of energy assets.