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BBA (MIS & Marketing) Liz Gilder

BBA Candidate

“Things get better after you get involved!”

My Journey

Both my parents being career artists, it was their experiences that made me want to pursue a career in business. My mom, in particular, noticed my entrepreneurial mindset from a young age – my favourite show at 10 years old was Dragon’s Den.

Entering high school, I started my first entrepreneurial venture called Lizzy’s Fishies. Over a couple of years, I learned the ins and outs of the aquatic plant business – this included learning the brokerage process from Indonesia to Canada, running an e-commerce store, gaining distribution partnerships, and operating at a $2,000 loss. Though my business was not financially successful, I ended up being approached by one of my largest U.S. competitors. They asked me to head their Canadian expansion. Although it was enticing, I chose to attend business school instead.

My BBA comprised of

Concentration: MIS & Marketing
BADM Certificate

Student Engagement

  • BASS Mentorship Program (mentee)
  • Student Marketing Association (coordinator)
  • LAUNCH (LAUNCHee, LAUNCH Leader, LAUNCH Captain)
  • JDC West (Socail, Atheletics, and Business Strategy delegate)
  • Axis Consulting (Consultant, Team Lead, and Managing Director)
  • CaseIT (Team Host)
  • International Case Competitions (LazICC and CoMIS)
  • Co-op

Where I am Now

Today, I’m a 4th year student and I am proud to be the managing director of Axis Consulting and a business strategy delegate for JDC West. I aim to help students overcome any hurdles they may face when getting involved, because it changed my life. The mentors, peers, and friends that I have been introduced to have shaped who I am today