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A business education of value depends on timely, relevant research informed by the business community. As business becomes increasingly complex and globally oriented, staying abreast of new trends, strategies and perspectives is crucial. Finding educators who can teach in business schools as world-class academics and contributors to the growth of our business economy is a challenge without some assistance in the source of philanthropic funds.

Research Centres

The Beedie School of Business houses a series of specialized centres and institutes which provide the fundamental research needed by our future leaders. Senior faculty related to these centres are committed to effective consultation and partnership with the business community. Researchers develop new knowledge that creates strong, well-structured and forward-thinking organizations. They ensure the products of research are built into continuous innovation and improvement of our curriculum and teaching.

Beedie School of Business Research Centres

Priority Projects

Centre for Global Workforce Strategy

This dynamic research centre brings together an outstanding list of international experts in the field of human resource strategy and cross-cultural management to examine and provide advice on the composition and hiring practices of the workplace of the future.  The Centre examines issues of workforce diversity including cultural and gender diversity and their impact on labour market recruitment and retention strategies. The Centre will also support doctoral research in these fields, student and organizational learning opportunities, and develop strategies for management best practices and positioning.

$1.25 million endowment

Faculty Chairs and Professorships

Beedie School of Business offers endowed professorships that support the accomplishments of senior faculty members who research and examine various areas of research to both the academic and business communities, including innovation and entrepreneurship and Asia Pacific business studies.

Beedie School of Business Professorships:

Priority Projects

Chairs in Asia Pacific Business Studies ($3M goal each)

These chairs are aimed at attracting world-leading scholars in the field of Asia Pacific Business Studies to the Beedie School of Business, through the creation of endowed funds. Our goal is to create country-focused chairs on the growing economies of China, India, and Korea. As Canada’s gateway to the Asia Pacific, it is important for Vancouver to engage with the diversity of its people and its communities. These chair holders will be exceptional researchers and teachers to bring together students, academia and the wider community around topics related to Asia/ Canada business. They will work closely with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies at Beedie School of Business.

Named Financial Research and Trading Lab

The Beedie School of Business is home to Canada’s largest student managed investment fund – the Student Investment Advisory Service (SIAS), with over $11 million in assets under management. The fund was established ten years ago, and each year, a new cohort of students in the Master’s in Finance program oversee its investments and the risk management. In 2011, we launched the Beedie Endowment Asset Management (BEAM) fund, the largest undergraduate student-managed fund in Canada with a $5 million endowment.

The new BEAM fund requires the Beedie School to create a second Financial Research and Trading Lab, in order to provide students with space to make trades in a supervised environment and to access essential investment data and research resources. This Lab will house several double-screen Bloomberg terminals. It will also come equipped with real-time stock tickers that cover stock price information on all global financial instruments, televisions that broadcast the latest financial news from Reuters and other news agencies, and new sources of financial data.

The Living Lab (multiple partners of $175,000 +) – downtown Vancouver

The proposed Living Lab designs, tests and implements innovative solutions to BC's toughest social issues by engaging business students and academics. This Lab reflects the commitment that students and faculty already make to social innovation and responsibility. The Lab may work with one or multiple issues at any given time, bringing in funding and knowledge partners on a project by project basis. With in-house faculty strengths in design thinking, idea incubation and implementation, impact evaluation, and research and dissemination, the university is uniquely placed to play a catalytic social innovation role.

The proposed Lab will run for a minimum of 12 months, and include:

  • A physical design lab for dedicated teams drawn from the Beedie School, SFU, and external participants to work on problems and ideas
  • Staffing from the Beedie School, SFU and Lab partners, to ensure a dedicated focus
  • Incubation space and funding for ideas that emerge. These may be ventures, policy initiatives, programs, working groups or other combinations
  • Potential integration with classes for practical project based work
  • Graduate and/or undergraduate internship opportunities
  • A communication and dissemination component that will produce case studies, publications, workshops, events to document and share innovations

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