Congratulations to the Beedie Teaching Honour Roll recipients!

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Honor-rollThe Teaching Effectiveness Committee for the Beedie School of Business offers their sincere congratulations to the 2013/2014 
members of the Beedie School of Business’ Teaching Honour Roll. These are instructors who have evaluations in the top 10% of the Faculty. At Beedie, teaching matters, and we set the bar high. Those at the top of the list are truly outstanding. 

Please join us in congratulating this year’s recipients, for a job well done!

1. Rui Jorge Basto Da Silva
2. Shafik Bhalloo
3. Kathleen Burke
4. Susan Christie-Bell
5. Momo Deretic
6. Andrew Flostrand
7. Sudheer Gupta
8. David Hannah
9. Wing Him Yeung
10. Jason Ho
11. Michael Johnson
12. Brenda Lautsch
13. Mila Lazarova
14. Sarah Lubik
15. Anne MacDonald
16. Bernie Maroney
17. Kamal Masri
18. Ian McCarthy
19. Brent McFerran
20. Adam Mills
21. Jijun Niu
22. Lisa Papania
23. Michael Parent
24. Leyland Pitt
25. Blaize Reich
26. Mike Shields
27. Jan Simon
28. Kevin Stewart
29. Zorana Svedic
30. Eric Tung
31. Christian Venhuizen
32. Andrew von Nordenflycht
33. George Zhang