2014 Teaching and Learning Luncheon: Communication Skills and Diversity at Beedie

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On Friday, November 7, the Teaching and Learning Group presents the first in a series of events that will aid our discussion of issues surrounding communication skills and diversity at Beedie. This event will encourage participation and focus on three WTFs: 

1. Why the Frustration? 

You will gain insight into challenges students/instructors might face in diverse environments such as Beedie. This portion of the program is facilitated by our own Mila Lazarova, with Brent Lyons (Beedie) and Ena Lee (Education) assisting.

2. What are the Facts? 

You will be shown the facts/figures surrounding the changes we have experienced as a faculty and what are the experiences in other business schools.  We will also share results from recent surveys of students, alumni, employees, instructors and staff at Beedie related to communication.

3. What’s the Future? 

You will listen to Peter Tingling and Shafik Bhalloo debate the topic, “Be it resolved that Beedie is an English Language School and should maintain its standard.” By the way, the debaters flipped a coin to decide which side of the debate they would argue. Ena Lee will also debrief the debate. In addition, you will also discover things that will help you make a difference.