Fraser International College (FIC) Admission: Supplemental Application Overview

If you receive an invitation from the Beedie School of Business to complete the online, Supplemental Application form, it means that we want to learn more about you and how your experiences and achievements, in combination with your academics, have prepared you for new and exciting challenges at the Beedie School of Business. Specifically, your Supplemental Application will be used to assess other factors beyond GPA that contribute to your overall preparedness for Beedie’s programs. The following information will help guide you through the supplemental application process and how to best prepare.

Note: There is a $ 81.18 CAD Supplemental Application Fee that is separate from the SFU Application Fee.

What is Assessed on the Supplemental Application?


The online, supplemental application includes:

  • A written, short answer response
  • Two video interview responses
  • An explanation of the activities you've engaged in and achievements you've accomplished within the last 4 years
  • References, with at least one being academic in nature
  • Any additional information in support of your application


Race, ethnicity, gender, and religion are excluded from the criteria. 

Multiple qualified assessors, who are part of Beedie’s Supplemental Evaluation Committee, review each application. Assessors evaluate applications blind (i.e. without seeing names, contact information, grades, etc.) and base their assessment on a set rubric. Once assessed, your Supplemental Score is combined with your Academic Performance to produce your overall ranking.

What does a strong Application Include?

A. Strong academic performance

    You have been invited to apply through the online, supplemental application because you currently have a Business Admission GPA in a range that suggests you may be well qualified for admission to the Beedie School of Business.

    While we want to learn more about you through the supplemental application, your marks still matter. The required courses you complete for admission demonstrate your preparedness in the field of Business through Business-specific and corresponding, preparatory courses. 

    If your current Business Admission GPA includes in progress courses, make sure to keep your grades up. We review all offers of admission upon receipt of final grades for the following criteria:

    • Successfully complete all required courses with a C- minimum
    • Maintain a competitive admission average of 2.80 or better
B. Activities and Achievements

    Your application should demonstrate your experiences in one or more of the following areas:

    • Athletics
    • Arts (performing, visual, musical, and/or written)
    • Community leadership and/or involvement
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Work experience
    • Other areas

    Check out what some of our current Beedie students have accomplished on our BeedieEngaged page.

C. Strong Communication Skills

    As part of Beedie's undergraduate learning goals, students should develop strong communication skills (oral, listening and written). Make sure to practice and refine these skills through your required courses, such as English, Philosophy or World Literature, as well as through any additional support services that FIC may offer, such as interview support, public speaking workshops (ex. Toastmasters), and writing strategy support.

    During your application, you will be asked to demonstrate your communication skills both orally and in writing.

D. References

    You will need to provide contact information for two referees (i.e. people who provide a reference). Make sure to pick referees who can comment about the experiences that you list in your application, including your academics, extra-curricular activities, work and personal achievements, as well as personal qualities.

    NOTE: One reference must be from an instructor at FIC.

How can I best prepare for the Application?

If you have received, or think you will receive, an invitation to complete the supplemental application form, make sure to follow these tips:

  1. Start thinking about your application now, including who will provide your 2 references.
  2. Make sure to reach out to your reference(s) early; don’t wait until the last minute to ask someone.
  3. Review the section above on what makes a strong application. Spend time reflecting on how your experiences – both challenges and achievements - have helped prepare you for the Beedie School of Business.
  4. Read through the whole application once you have access.
  5. Be authentic. Ensure you are presenting your unique voice and individual story. We want to learn about you, not someone you think we want to learn about.
  6. Save your written responses in a word processor (ex. Microsoft Word) as you work. While you can save responses in the application itself, the form will close after 20-minutes of inactivity and any unsaved information will be lost.
  7. Accuracy counts. Make sure to review all information provided, as the Beedie School will verify information. We take any falsification of information and/or plagiarism very seriously.
  8. Plan ahead and be prepared for any logistical considerations, such as applying well-before before the deadline to minimize the risk of missing it, having a method of payment ready for the application fee, and providing information to your references ahead of time.
  9. Applicants will be required to complete short answer video interview questions. To prepare we recommend that you not only take advantage of completing the practice interviews* embedded in the application, but also by talking to your advisors in order to gain feedback and develop your interview skills ahead of time. Doing so isn't just a benefit for preparing for your application but future job opportunities as well. 
*Note: You can complete the practice interviews as many times as you like to get acquainted with the system and no one will be able to see your practice videos, except you. 

Video Interview Submission Details
  • Once you're ready to begin your official interview, you will need to select the "Start Interview" button.
  • One video interview question will be asked and then the text will be displayed on the screen for about 60 seconds. A countdown clock will appear. 
  • Once the countdown clock has reached 0, your webcam and mic will turn on and you will have 90 seconds to verbally respond to the question. Just like a real in-person interview, you will only have one chance to respond to the question.
  • You can choose to end your response at any time during the 90 second recording time.
  • You will then repeat this process for the second question.
  • When the interview is complete, you will return to the Supplemental Application and see a green check mark next to the Video Interview section.

Frequently Asked Questions