International Students

International Students

At the Beedie School of Business, we are proud to have a diverse student body from a range of international backgrounds. A world-class Beedie education combined with your international perspective will prepare you for success in the global business environment.

Support Services

Simon Fraser University (SFU) offers a number of support services to new international students. Visit SFU’s International Students Advising and Programs site to find out more about the information and services available to you.

Applying to the Business Program

Are you ready to start your journey at the Beedie School of Business? See SFU’s Admission Requirements for more information on how to apply.

Fraser International College (FIC)

Are you starting your journey at FIC before entering the Beedie School of Business? FIC has multiple programs that will help you develop your skills as a business student, and fulfill requirements that will allow you to enter the Beedie School of Business in the future.

Find out more about these programs and read about students’ experiences.