Gabriel Ho-Garcia


“I believe SFU Beedie supports athletes and wants them to excel in their sport."

Gabriel’s Olympian determination is spurring him to success on and off the field.
My experience at SFU Beedie
The whole SFU Beedie program has been extremely flexible and as an athlete, it helped me prioritize what’s important in school and life. I already see how that will benefit me in the future.
My Journey

I chose to study at SFU Beedie because of its reknowned co-op program, supportive faculty, and leading approach to education. In the beginning, I was focused on improving in my sport to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where I was part of Team Canada's field hockey team. As I went further into my degree, I applied that same focus on school which helped me improve my grades and the rest of my life.

Between sport and school, I also co-founded a furniture sourcing company called Liv and Company with fellow SFU Beedie students, Bruce Ngo and Robin Liu. Since starting the copmany, we've furnished several commercial projects and I look forward to growing this company even more in the future.

My BBA major comprised of:




Student Engagement

Co-founder of Liv and Company

Member of Team Canada's 2016 Olympic Field Hockey Team

Where I am today

I am the Director of Marketing and Sales for a company I co-founded called Liv and Company. I am also eager to get back on the Olympic stage and have my sights set on competing in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.