Madeline Hait

International Business

"A lot of skills I picked up in volleyball carried over to my career. It makes you a tougher person because you're not trying to beat the other team, you're trying to beat yourself."

Ask Madeline who her role model in life is and she may well respond, “the Duracell Bunny”. Her seemingly limitless energy saw her not only travel North America with the SFU women’s varsity volleyball team, but also drove her to secure a prestigious graduate position with TELUS—one of only four such positions the company offers each year.
My experience at SFU Beedie
It was a little hectic trying to balance studies with practice every day—I was travelling every second week and trying to fit in all my classes or work with groups online. Despite the schedule, this experience and the SFU network helped me get to where I am today.
My Journey

I spent five years playing volleyball for SFU which required me to balance both academics and athletics. The competitive aspect of volleyball translated well when I competed at SDS International Business Case Competition in Otago, New Zealand.

I also joined the first cohort of the SFU Beedie Management Consulting Interview Program (MCIP) and what I learned in this program was really instrumental in helping me secure my current role at TELUS.

My BBA major comprised of:



International Business

Student Engagement

SFU Women's Varsity Volleyball team

MCIP inaugural cohort member

International case competitor

Where I am today

I was chosen to join TELUS' Marketing Development Program where I rotate positions every six months into different departments to train in various areas of the company's business.