Interactive Polling and Student Engagement

Apr 27, 2012

A Beedie School Teaching and Learning Group Event

Would you like to learn more about interactive polling and ways to use classroom response systems to engage with your students and to informally assess their learning? Are you curious about Poll Everywhere and how colleagues at Beedie have been experimenting with it over the last year?

Shauna Jones, Andrew Gemino and David Rubeli will be co-hosting a session on May 24 (from 2:30-4:30pm) to explore best practices from the first phase of the Poll Everywhere pilot project in the B.BA program. The session will review the goals and outcomes of the pilot project, introduce the basics of interactive polling pedagogy and Poll Everywhere, and feature discussion and dialogue amongst Beedie faculty who have been experimenting with Poll Everywhere over the last year. David will present an analysis of some quality assurance data that he and Andrew Gemino collected in BUS 201 last fall. Andrew Gemino will present some proposed options for expanding the Poll Everywhere pilot project in 2012/13 and solicit feedback from the group to inform his decision-making on how best to move forward.

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For a brief look at how interactive polling is already being used in Beedie: