BBA graduate Jevta Lukic: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Oct 11, 2012

Jevta Lukic may be graduating from the Beedie School of Business this semester, but he says his relationship with SFU “is a lifelong thing.”

The following story was published on SFU News on September 27, 2012. 

By Ross MacDonald-Allan

Beedie School of Business student and convocation speaker, Jevta Lukic, may be graduating this fall, but he says his relationship with SFU is far from over.

“The sense of camaraderie will stay with me forever,” says Lukic, who moved to Canada from Belgrade, Serbia, with his family at age 10 in 1999, following the Kosovo War NATO air strikes.

When the time came for university, Lukic was so certain SFU was the right choice it was the only university he applied to.

“All through high school I heard my sister Mila and her friends talk about their fantastic experiences at SFU,” he says.

And he wasn’t disappointed. “The Beedie School is very supportive in helping you achieve your goals,” he says. “I felt challenged to think outside of the textbook and really explore every avenue.”

Lukic graduates with an impressive résumé including a 4.18 cumulative GPA. In 2011, he received both a Premier’s One World Scholarship and a Student Impact Award, presented to the student whose attitude and ability to influence others inspires the Beedie School community.

He successfully represented SFU at national CASE competitions as well, and participated in student exchanges to Hong Kong and Paris. “I always knew I wanted to internationalize my degree,” he says. “SFU provided the support I needed to do so.”

Lukic was also an Education Generation Fellow, working in an Inca village in Peru preparing young students for future studies. “It was challenging,” he says, “but being able to give back and empower the students made it worthwhile.”

Although his time at SFU is drawing to a close, Lukic is certain that his link with the university will persevere. “This is a lifelong thing for me,” he says.

“This is only the beginning of our relationship.”

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