MOT MBAs’ pennies project profits Science World

Mar 15, 2013
MOT MBA students James Cameron (l) and Patrick Altejos pause in the midst of preparing their "pennies" exhibit for Science World's spring break program March 16-April 1.

MOT MBA students James Cameron (l) and Patrick Altejos pause in the midst of preparing their “pennies” exhibit for Science World’s spring break program.

The following story was published on SFU News on September 27, 2012.

A Spring Break exhibit for Science World, a fundraiser for a local food bank and a new Toastmaster’s branch for SFU are three of the projects that students in the Management of Technology MBA program are managing this semester.

They’re completing a project-management course that connects them to real-world projects on campus and in the community.

Patrick Altejos, Scott Brundrett, James Cameron and Alex Popov have spent the past two months working with Science World to develop an exhibit and activities around the penny and its demise.

“We have an open pit mine display, penny collections, penny games, and experiments and demonstrations designed by SFU science instructors and 4D Labs and orchestrated by Science World,” says Cameron.

The students are also organizing a penny drive in hopes that visitors during Spring Break (March 16-April 1) will get their pennies’ worth by donating them to Science World.

Program specialist Paul Botha says the project is Science World’s first collaboration with a university program.

“The students are from an MBA program, so seeing that business side of things has been a great learning experience for us,” he says. “For example, their procedures and planning are very well thought-out, and it was interesting how they’ve put proposals together so that we could come to an agreement on what would work.”

At the same time, he says the students learned the realities of what could be accomplished within an organization’s time and budget constraints.

“So it’s been a huge learning experience on both sides.”

In addition to their penny project, the MBA students have been networking on Science World’s behalf to find university departments and external organizations willing to participate in future collaborations.

They have discussed possibilities with SFU’s 4D LABS and the Faculty of Science, as well as Greentech Exchange and CoinMart.

“This experiential learning is excellent,” says Cameron. “Our learning is much better because there is support from mentors, experts and the team.”

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