From research to the marketplace: Beedie leads the way for researchers

Sep 02, 2015

SFU’s Beedie School of Business offers researchers a way to bring their world-changing thinking to practical applications in the global marketplace.

Beedie’s Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology offers a singular program, teaching the nuts and bolts of bringing research break-throughs to an ever-changing world.

The Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization provides researchers and scientists the tools to bring their learning and product development to industry – and in doing so, better our world.

The Certificate recognizes good ideas, period. It’s open to graduate students, post-doctoral students, current faculty, and recent alumni. The certificate brings new discoveries in science, engineering, health, and environmental sciences to the forefront.

“More than 80% of our science and engineering PhD graduates continue their careers outside of the academic sector, but they may not have the necessary skills for commercializing lab research”, says Elicia Maine, the Chair of the new Certificate, and Associate Professor in Technology Management. “Our new certificate teaches researchers and academics to take inventions with enormous potential to marketplace – and help change the world.”

The Certificate program seeks researchers with a high potential impact on society. Economic and social innovation are key areas of research, as well as the disparate fields of technology: nano; bio and clean technology.

Lead by leading SFU Beedie faculty, students learn opportunity assessment, market prioritization, innovation management – and how to profit from market uncertainty, finance, leadership roles, and the development of a business model. It’s a certificate program designed for the intersection of research and industrial/product marketing.

The Graduate Certificate also provides personal skills: participants learn entrepreneurial pitching skills, how to develop a personal network with the regional technology category and business plans. As well, they learn how to become competitors in BC’s New Ventures entrepreneurship competitions.

Certificate participants will study part-time over three semesters, with classes one evening a week at SFU’s Segal Graduate School of Business, in downtown Vancouver.

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