Beedie named in top 50 business schools for Environmental Sustainability Programs

Feb 20, 2017

Beedie School of Business has secured a place in the Top 50 Environmental Sustainability Programs ranking in the 2016 Guide to Business Schools for Social & Environmental Impact report, published by Net Impact, a non-profit empowering transformational change in the workplace. Beedie is the only Canadian school named in the list, which features leading business schools from around the world.

“SFU Beedie’s inclusion in Net Impact’s top 50 schools for Environmental and Sustainability Impact is a testimony to the kinds of people you find at SFU Beedie,” says Grace Potma, the 2016 President of Beedie’s Net Impact chapter, who led Beedie’s nomination for the rankings. “Every year SFU’s Net Impact student group volunteers significant time and energy to help young professionals have a positive ‘net impact’ through their careers, and these efforts flourish because of SFU’s institutional champions for environmental and social impact issues.”

The news follows on recent recognition in 2016, when Beedie’s chapter of the Net Impact community was awarded the organization’s prestigious Gold standing. These standings, based on the chapter’s performance during the previous academic year, represent the most outstanding chapters in the Net Impact network. Last year, just 38% of over 300 Net Impact chapters worldwide achieved Gold standing.

The SFU chapter continues to build on the successes of previous years, with numerous events and initiatives planned for 2017. The team is currently preparing for the 2017 Net Impact Sustainability Challenge. This event brings students from top business schools across Canada and the United States to Vancouver to compete on a live business case, this year the case is being presented by Fortis BC. Some of the schools presenting include: Western’s Ivey School of Business, American University’s Kogod School of Business, and The University of Alberta’s Alberta School of Business.

The 2017 Net Impact Sustainability Challenge will be held March 24-25, 2017, at the SFU Beedie School of Business’ Segal Building in downtown Vancouver, BC. Learn more, or see the video of last year’s successful competition here.

About Net Impact:

Net Impact is a leading nonprofit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world. At the heart of our community are over 100,000 student and professional leaders from over 300 volunteer-led chapters across the globe working for a sustainable future. Together, we make a net impact that transforms our lives, our organizations, and the world.

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