BBA grad’s diverse experience lands her prestigious consulting role at Accenture

Mar 30, 2023

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young asian woman smiling business attire

Nappy Limapichat, Senior Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

Napassorn (Nappy) Limapichat wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduation, but she knew that she wanted to try different things and explore multiple industries. This led her to participate in SFU Beedie’s Management Consulting Career Preparation (MCCP) Program, which ultimately landed her a position at Accenture. In 2017, she was named to the Surrey’s Board of Trade’s Top 25 Under 25 list.

Now, as a senior analyst in management consulting at Accenture, Limapichat works on projects with clients varying from small local non-profits to large global retailers. Her extracurricular experiences and coursework at SFU Beedie have not only helped her secure her role, but also contribute to her day-to-day work.

“I often see topics from my upper-level MIS and marketing courses come up in my job,” said Limapichat. “I recently completed a project with a global retailer on their customer data platform strategy where I used my knowledge from MIS courses to understand the client’s current data flows and create a conceptual architecture for them.”

Limapichat’s academic and professional journey started in grade 12, when she decided to attend SFU Beedie. She was drawn to the enriching programs SFU Beedie offered beyond the classroom, including a joint major with Interactive Arts and Design, the co-op program, and study abroad opportunities.

“I was that kid that read every textbook from cover to cover,” said Limapichat. “But what I remember most about my time at SFU Beedie were the memories I made with my friends in our extracurriculars. I treated the programs and activities like a bucket list as I went through my degree.”

During her time at SFU Beedie, Limapichat was extensively involved in extracurricular activities and programs. She attended SFU Business Administration Student Society (BASS) LAUNCH as both a first-year student and later as a leader. She was also both a mentee and a mentor in SFU Beedie’s Mentorship Program (BMP).

In her second year, Limapichat was the marketing manager at Enactus SFU’s Soap for Hope social enterprise and competed at the Regionals Exposition in Calgary, where she developed a strong friendship with her presenting partner. She later became the Vice President of Projects for Enactus SFU in her third year, overlooking 10 different projects and worked to develop strategic partnerships in the community. In her last year, Limapichat competed in Jeux du Commerce (JDC) West, the most prestigious case competition in Western Canada, and placed first in the CPABC Case Competition.

Limapichat’s experiences at Enactus SFU and JDCW turned out to be excellent practice for her career at Accenture. In her role as a consultant, she faces a steep learning curve every time she starts a new project and has to be resourceful and do a lot of research to understand the industry while managing tight deadlines. Experiences such as JDC West have given her the toolkit to stay calm under pressure and channel her confidence when presenting on a topic she had only heard of hours before.

In February 2023, Limapichat had the chance to showcase Virtual Reality to 150 high school students to educate them on new technologies. She was told 30 minutes beforehand that she would be facilitating a design thinking workshop, so she quickly familiarized herself with the content and used the public speaking and storytelling skills she learned from JDC West and Enactus SFU to lead the session. The event was a success, with great feedback from the students that the session was interactive and educational.

“My favourite experience at SFU Beedie was going on exchange in Vienna, Austria for four months,” said Limapichat. “It was my first time living alone and I felt like I grew up a lot inf a short period of time. I travelled to 12 countries and 21 cities and immersed myself in learning about different cultures. I had to go out of my comfort zone and that experience is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Limapichat also had the opportunity to do a pro bono project with a local non-profit in the Lower Mainland, using the marketing skills she learned at SFU Beedie to recommend strategies for their social media platforms, donor and volunteer engagement, and website redesign.

Limapichat’s passion for creating a seamless experience for customers is evident in her work at Accenture. She hopes to continue exploring the world of marketing and product management through a human-centric approach and aims to always design with the end user in mind, keeping them at the core of every decision.

As for advice for current SFU Beedie students, Limapichat said: “Be adaptable, stay curious and take a breather whenever you need it. I truly loved my time at SFU Beedie!”