Fostering student engagement at the 2023 PEAK and ELITE case competitions

Aug 15, 2023

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students and one faculty standing with awards

PEAK & ELITE case competition winners. Top: Peter Tingling, Alta Consulting (Troy Cheah, Linus Pui, Alicia Lee, Ammarah Siddiqui). Bottom: Peter Tingling, D.O.J. Innovators (Yen Huynh, Dao Nguyen, Uyen Ly).

In a show of talent, dedication, and hard work, the annual PEAK and ELITE case competitions took place this summer at SFU Beedie. The events showcased 130 participants who gathered at SFU’s Vancouver campus to compete in the challenges.

Both competitions are organized by SFU Beedie’s Student Engagement and Development Office (SEDO) and challenge students with real world business problems that they must solve within a limited time and present an opportunity to learn and strengthen their analytical, problem solving and presentation skills through experiential learning.

The PEAK case competition is designed for first- and second-year SFU Beedie students and upper-year transfer students with limited case competition experience. The competition provides an opportunity for newcomers to participate in a structured case competition in a professional environment with the support of like-minded peers over seven days.

The ELITE case competition, on the other hand, offers a more advanced and challenging competition environment for senior business students to showcase their skills. The competition spanned four intense days of case deliberation, during which participants showcased exceptional teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals like my teammates, Dao and Jo,” says Olivia Huynh of the D.O.J. Consulting team, who took home first place honours at ELITE. “I was intrigued by the case itself and ELITE really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, deepen my business knowledge, and challenge myself.”


PEAK 2023

1st place: Alta Consulting (Troy Cheah, Linus Pui, Alicia Lee, Ammarah Siddiqui)

2nd place: AdvantEDGE (Fatima Fatima, Jazmine Khaseipoul, Kylie Seto, Malika Tenizbayeva)

3rd place: Mountain Consulting (Breanna Lu, Emirlan Nurlanov, Brandon Xu, Colin Jeon)

ELITE 2023

1st place: D.O.J. Innovators (Yen Huynh, Dao Nguyen, Uyen Ly)

2nd place: Polaris Consulting (Dongwan Seo, Maks Sutherland, Asad Sattarov, Emily Su)

3rd place: Tranquility Consulting (Aldric David Caro, Blake Robertson, Lai Hei Lam, Felix (Binh) Le)

Congratulations to the participants and winners, and special thanks to the judges, volunteers, faculty, and staff members who contributed to making the PEAK and ELITE 2023 case competitions a tremendous success. Learn more about case competitions at SFU Beedie.