May 2022
Celebrate our 40th anniversary, get together with alumni, and more: Did you know you can organize your own alumni events?
Has it been a while since you’ve been in touch with your SFU Beedie connections? Are you looking to get a group of your old classmates together? You’re in luck: now, you can organize your own alumni events with SFU Beedie’s support.
Coming soon: Build your alumni network through SFU Beedie Advantage

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of SFU Beedie Advantage, our very own alumni networking platform. SFU Beedie Advantage will allow you to access exclusive jobs, events and mentors. Stay tuned for updates! To ensure you receive the exclusive invitation to sign up for this platform, update your email.

Retiring professors remember SFU Beedie’s unconventional early beginnings

This year, SFU Beedie celebrates 40 years as a business faculty. Starting with its early commitment to community engagement and innovation, SFU Beedie has embraced a radical and unconventional ethos from the beginning. Retiring professors Blaize Reich, Dianne Cyr, Carolyne Smart, and Daniel Shapiro reflect on SFU Beedie’s early days.

SFU Beedie alumni win big at Coast Capital Venture Prize 2022

There was no shortage of SFU Beedie alumni representation at Coast Capital Venture Prize 2022, SFU's largest competition engaging a diverse group of promising startups with innovative ideas. Have a peek at the rising stars, including our very own Brandon Chapman (BBA’16), founder and CEO of AdvisorFlow.

From L’Oreal to Google: SFU Beedie alumnus talks careers and motherhood

Riding rollercoasters at the Google conference in Disneyland and visiting the L’Oreal Paris skincare labs in New York are only a couple of many career highlights for Stephanie Wong (BBA’12), who looks back fondly at her early career and reflects on how SFU Beedie prepared her for her career journey.

Want to be a case competition judge?

SFU Beedie is hosting our two flagship PEAK and ELITE case competitions in-person during the summer 2022 semester! If you’re looking to get involved and create a memorable experience for our students, we’re looking for motivated volunteer judges. Sign up now.

Our Technology Leadership Program helps alumni build successful tech careers

Aligning IT strategy with business strategy can be a challenge in many organizations, as found by Archana Nirad, an accomplished tech leader and now CIO of the BC Financial Services Authority. SFU Beedie’s Technology Leadership Program (TLP) helps IT professionals develop the skills to align IT strategy with business strategy and grow their leadership careers.

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