MOT MBA alumnus pioneers digital health leadership in Canada

Sep 28, 2023

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MOT MBA alumnus Rachel Barker.

Rachel Barker, a leader in digital health, began her Management of Technology (MOT) MBA program journey at SFU Beedie with a wealth of experience spanning 15 years. Her passion for the digital health community and desire to build upon her expertise led her to the program.

Barker has worked in a diverse range of digital health leadership roles including project and program management, change management, and strategy. Not wanting to step away from her career, the traditional full-time education model wasn’t a good fit for her. The MOT MBA program at SFU Beedie stood out to her, offering an opportunity to learn while staying dedicated to her career.

“I love learning and had been considering going back to do a grad degree for quite a while,” says Barker. “But I’m extremely passionate about my work and very actively engaged in the digital health community, so quitting my job just wasn’t an option that fit my needs. I loved the idea of a program targeted at leaders in the technology space that provided the opportunity to grow my knowledge while still fully committing to my role at work and fulfilling my other professional obligations.”

Barker remains steadfast in her commitment to revolutionize the healthcare space. Currently a program director at SE Health, a leading social enterprise and one of the largest diversified home health organizations in Canada, Barker aspires to leverage her skills and knowledge and play a role in scaling the adoption of innovation and human-centred design principles in the Canadian digital health community.

“I’m thrilled to have recently started a role with an organization that is doing some incredible work in the healthcare space and offers a great opportunity to have a widespread positive impact across the Canadian healthcare system,” says Barker. “I hope to be able to apply my skills and knowledge to this work in a way that significantly enhances patient experience and health outcomes in Canada.”

The hallmark of Barker’s SFU Beedie experience has been the network she cultivated throughout the program. Beyond the classroom, this diverse network has been instrumental in her growth, offering valuable career advice and support during pivotal moments.

“What I value most about my experience at SFU Beedie is the connections that I’ve made,” says Barker. “I’ve received some great career advice and support both from SFU Beedie’s Career Management Centre staff and my cohort peers when I was considering a significant change during the program, which really helped me explore different options and led to a big career shift.”

The MOT MBA program provided Barker with a well-rounded education, equipping her to tackle the challenges within the digital health sector. The academic curriculum, coupled with practical applications, ensured she was prepared to navigate the complexities of her area.

“My overall business knowledge is much more well-rounded now,” says Barker. “I’ve filled in gaps in a few areas in which I’ve had less experience. For subjects where I already had a lot of experience, the chance for collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing with others in my cohort with expertise in these areas was beneficial. I feel ready to take on any new and exciting challenges that might come my way!”