BBA alumnus expands marketing horizons with global perspective

Sep 28, 2023

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young woman smiling brown hair black turtleneck

BBA alumnus Naomi Crich.

Embarking on her academic journey in the fall of 2017, Naomi Crich recounts her transformation from a wide-eyed first-year student to a well-rounded marketing alumnus graduating this October. From participating in SFU Beedie LAUNCH to being a member of Beedie Protégé, SFU JDC West, LAUNCH leader, and exchange student, Crich has taken her SFU Beedie experience to the fullest—culminating in an internship at Adidas’s global HQ in Germany and living abroad for a year.

“I initially wanted to pursue a degree in business administration because I knew it would open doors for me when I graduated,” says Crich, reflecting on her decision at the age of 17. “Flash forward to six years later and I can truly say I have never been more grateful that I pursued a degree in business administration at SFU Beedie. From extracurriculars to an amazing community to lifelong friendships—my experience in university was more than I could have ever wished for.”

Crich’s enthusiasm for creative endeavors from a young age led her to specialize in marketing. Driven by a desire to ideate, create, and execute marketing initiatives that leave a positive impact on her audience, her interest in different cultures also propelled her to pursue a concentration in international business. “I wanted to become a marketer with a global mindset to ensure I could communicate effectively with all countries in a thoughtful manner,” says Crich.

Crich was an active participant in various extracurricular activities. She was a long-time participant in SFU JDC West, taking on leadership roles and developing invaluable skills in project management and teamwork. Her involvement in the Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) and CaseIT further honed her abilities and built her network.

“Getting involved has significantly helped me during my undergraduate degree,” says Crich. “It’s given me an incredible community of like-minded individuals who inspire and support one another, as well as invaluable skills and experiences that I’ve utilized in the workforce today.”

young woman smiling in front of tower of pisa italy

Crich in Pisa, Italy.

One of Crich’s biggest goals since she started her undergraduate journey was to get an internship with German sportswear manufacturer Adidas, as she’s grown up playing sports her entire life. After getting rejected more than once, she took this as an opportunity to gain more experience from extracurriculars and co-ops. Finally, she applied for the last time during her final year—and landed the internship.

Studying abroad was a defining moment for Crich. She got the opportunity to live in Europe for a year while completing her internship with Adidas in Germany and finished her undergraduate degree on her exchange term in Vienna.

“Being able to travel the world and learn at the same time was such an unbelievable experience,” says Crich. “To be completely immersed in another culture is an experience like no other. You not only build international competence but also grow immensely as an individual and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Crich found her upper-level courses highly applicable to her work and extracurriculars. While studying abroad, she had the opportunity to be a social media consultant for a small business in the U.K. From creating customer personas to conducting research to designing content that aligned with the company’s marketing objectives, this hands-on opportunity gave her invaluable experience while seeking postgraduate careers in social media marketing.

young woman sitting next to statue in front of corporate building

Crich at the Adidas HQ in Germany.

In the next five to ten years, Crich is eager to explore more of the world. She sees herself eventually settling in Vancouver and working for a sports and athletics company after spending the years prior working abroad.

As for advice to current students, Crich says: “Don’t pass up opportunities. Before you know it, your undergraduate degree will be over, so start taking advantage of all the extracurriculars SFU Beedie has to offer. I created all my favourite memories and met all my incredible friends this way—all while gaining relevant experience for future job opportunities.”

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