WXN Event: Disrupting Tradition- Taking the Road Less Travelled

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Dr. Elizabeth Croft, Senior Associate Dean of Education and Professional Development at The University of British Columbia










There are no longer “typical careers” for women and we have entered every industry and realm and work toe-to-toe with men everywhere.  However, women are still underrepresented in many STEM related industries. Our breakfast event showcased, Dr. Elizabeth Croft, a trailblazer in robotics research and engineering, and she shared her experiences of the taking the road less travelled and breaking the stereotype.

Dr. Croft gave an inspirational speech about how the mentors and positive figures in her career path helped open doors and expose opportunities to her. She mentioned the importance of using positive language and encouraging young women into STEM careers. She has chaired the NSERC Women in Science and Engineering (BC/Yukon) program that promotes Science and Engineering as an excellent career choice for women and other under-represented groups, and eliminates barriers that results in attrition of women from these career paths.