The Graduate Women’s Council 2022-2023

Our Mission Statement

The Graduate Women’s Council aims to provide a safe space for women and allies to show up authentically, develop personally and professionally, and form meaningful connections in business. We offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all to feel seen, represented, and respected regardless of gender, age, race, and ability.

About GWC

Founded in the fall of 2011, the GWC is an elected Beedie graduate student and alumni volunteer-run club committed to greater diversity in leadership in British Columbia.

The GWC exists to enrich the Beedie experience for all students by offering career and personal development opportunities with a focus on gender diversity. We aim to develop and sustain a culture of support and encouragement and pledge to work toward a more inclusive and equal society.

The GWC organizes the following events and activities to achieve their goals:

  1. Networking events to bring Beedie graduate students and alumni together and form meaningful connections
  2. Symposiums/speaking events to provide education and experience to the membership
  3. Personal development workshops for Beedie students with a focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  4. Maintenance of a strong network of alumni to support future club members in their career development.

Our Team