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GBWC Dinner Series: Women in Banking

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Dinner at Nuba for our Women in Banking edition. Attendees (R to L): Sandra Stuart (CEO of HSBC Canada), Sabina Diaconescu, Anipa Jeyakumar, Amelia Zhang, Leonie Wilke, Yashu Mittal, ALexa Harder, Yenny You, Sophia Tsui (Head of Auditing HSBC) and Lindsay Cervenko.

The GBWC was absolutely delighted to host Sandra Stuart, CEO of HSBC Canada and  Sophia Tsui, Head of Auditing at HSBC for our Dinner Series event in May 2017. Sandra shared her awe-inspiring story of working from a teller position at HSBC to becoming the CEO of the company. She is the first female to run a major bank in Canada. Sandra has spent 33 years at HSBC and has a wealth of knowledge on creating business strategies and navigating the company through the economic cycles in the country.

Sandra and Sophia spoke about their experiences in commercial/corporate banking and auditing and how they successfully navigated office politics and gender stereotypes and honed their personal leadership style. They took the time to thoughtfully answer all the questions from the students and shared their industry wisdom freely. We look forward to hosting them again next year with the new GBWC cohort.

WXN Event: Disrupting Tradition- Taking the Road Less Travelled

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Dr. Elizabeth Croft, Senior Associate Dean of Education and Professional Development at The University of British Columbia










There are no longer “typical careers” for women and we have entered every industry and realm and work toe-to-toe with men everywhere.  However, women are still underrepresented in many STEM related industries. Our breakfast event showcased, Dr. Elizabeth Croft, a trailblazer in robotics research and engineering, and she shared her experiences of the taking the road less travelled and breaking the stereotype.

Dr. Croft gave an inspirational speech about how the mentors and positive figures in her career path helped open doors and expose opportunities to her. She mentioned the importance of using positive language and encouraging young women into STEM careers. She has chaired the NSERC Women in Science and Engineering (BC/Yukon) program that promotes Science and Engineering as an excellent career choice for women and other under-represented groups, and eliminates barriers that results in attrition of women from these career paths.