About the GBSA

The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) represents the interests of over 400 graduate business students enrolled in a variety of programs at the Beedie School of Business. The GBSA functions as a caucus within the Graduate Student Society (GSS) – the student government for all graduate students at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Each graduate student enrolled at SFU pays student fees of which a portion goes directly to the GSS and a smaller portion of that is accessible to the GBSA to provide financial support to student-organized events and initiatives. The GBSA also works directly with Faculty and Staff to ensure that the needs of graduate business students are being met, in terms of curriculum and other academic and co-curricular needs.


The objective of the GBSA is to promote and represent all Graduate-level student interests within the SFU Beedie Business Faculty.
1. To identify and promote the academic, intellectual and career concerns of the student body
2. To represent students’ interests and concerns within the faculty and to the University and other bodies as requested by the membership
3. To undertake projects and activities to benefit the graduate business student body:

  • Provide social and recreational activities
  •  Create and maintain a liaison with faculty, the campus community, and business sector to foster communications and build connections.
  •  To establish a voice and representation for the student’s interests through which they can feel confident that action will be taken and results recognized
  •  To govern funding and resources from the Graduate Student Society (GSS)

Who makes up the GBSA Council?

The GBSA Executive Committee is made up of the following roles:
• President
• VP Finance
• VP Events & Engagement
• VP Communications & Media
• Class Representative from every active SFU Beedie graduate-level cohort