20/30 Series: Sustainability in the City – Recap

Our first speaker event at SFU was an incredible success thanks to our speaker panel and their willingness to share their expertise with us. We would also like to thank our associate dean, Colleen Colins for her opening remarks at our first speaker series event. Below is a  brief summary of themes covered on Monday. We are grateful for their involvement in helping us educate students and young professionals in sustainability in the world of business. Our speakers were Shawn Burns, CEO and President, Carbon Credit Corp Canada; Brenda Reid-Kuecks, President, Ecotrust Canada; Saul Brown, President and CSO (Chief Story Officer), Saul Good Gift Co; Bonnie Wong, Investment Manager, VanCity Community Capital; and Jacqueline Go, Sustainability Programs Coordinator, Teck Resources.

Shawn gave us insights into the average lifespan of species and how our culture of consumerism is increasing. Brenda spoke about tourism, fisheries, and forestry sectors, and how place and environment should matter to all of us because we have an impact on each other either directly or indirectly. Saul gave his background story of how he started his own business of corporate gift baskets that are both sustainable and interesting. Bonnie spoke about travel and discovery and Jackie spoke about the transformative forces of big businesses like mining.

We hope to host speaker events on an annual basis, so please keep checking back for more updates and be sure to like our Facebook page for event pictures, and to receive automatic updates for other events.