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SFU Beedie PhD graduates are found on the faculties of a wide range of institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. In the last 10 years, we have placed our PhDs at many schools including Monash University, Kent State University, King's College London, Central Michigan University, University of Victoria, National Cheung Kung University, Renmin University of China, California State University Sacramento, University of New South Wales, Wichita State University, Babson College, Brock University, IESE Business School, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and IE Business School.

  • Shuna Ho, PhD in International Business (Supervisor: Chang Hoon Oh)
    Dalhousie University (2022), Assistant Professor
  • Andrew Park, PhD in Management Information Systems (Supervisor: Elicia Maine)
    University of Victoria (2021), Assistant Professor
  • Pooria Assadi, PhD in Strategy (Supervisor: Andrew von Nordenflycht)
    California State University Sacramento (2018), Assistant Professor
  • Simon Pek, PhD in Management and Organization Studies (Supervisor: Stephanie Bertels)
    University of Victoria (2017), Gustavson School of Business, Assistant Professor
  • Adam Mills, PhD in Marketing (Supervisor: Leyland Pitt)
    Babson College of Entrepreneurship (2014), Loyola University New Orleans (2016), Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • George Lee, PhD in Accounting (Supervisors: Yasheng Chen and Johnny Jermias)
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (2015), Assistant Professor
  • Kirk Plangger, PhD in Marketing (Supervisor: Leyland Pitt)
    King's College London, University of London, UK (2013), Associate Professor (2018)
  • Victor Zitian Chen, PhD in Strategy (Supervisor: Daniel Shapiro)
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2012), Assistant Professor of International Management
  • Majid Ghorbani, PhD in International Business (Supervisor: Rosalie Tung)
    Renmin University of China (2012), Associate Professor of Management (2017)
  • Echo Yuan Liao, PhD in International Business (Supervisor: Dave Thomas)
    University of New South Wales (2012 – 2014); IESE Business School (2014), Assistant Professor
  • Colin Campbell, PhD in Marketing (Supervisor: Leyland Pitt)
    Monash University (2011 - 2013); Kent State University (2013), University of San Diego (2018), Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Stacey Fitzsimmons, PhD in International Business (Supervisor: Dave Thomas)
    Western Michigan University (2011-2014); University of Victoria (2014), Gustavson School of Business, Associate Professor
  • Yufen Fu, PhD in Finance (Supervisor: George Blazenko)
    Asia University, Tunghai University, Taiwan (2011), Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Jose-Domingo Mora, PhD in Marketing (Supervisor: Bob Krider)
    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (2010), Assistant Professor of Marketing