Burnaby, BC

BUS 201 Case Challenge

The BUS 201 Case Challenge is a required Experiential Learning component of BUS 201 and takes place every November. It is the introduction to the world of case competitions for Beedie School of Business undergraduate students. The 5th annual BUS 201 Case Challenge will take place online on Saturday, November 27th, 2021. Approximately 500 students and 100 teams will present their business case solutions to panels of judges consisting of academics, industry professionals, and senior students.


5th Annual BUS 201 Case Challenge Winning Teams

E100 - Team 15

Wonhee Choi
Cleopatra Celmentina
Aidan Marc Corning
Iveta Elizabeth Griffith
Negel Mathias

D100 - Team 17

Johnny Li
Tristan Lloyd
Esteia Lee
Chiara Anne Mainella
Alexander Joseph Malcolm
Zakhra Mansuriian

D300 - Team 13

Anthony Ho
Shawn Singh Kaler
King Hei Jayvis Law
Shishir Paudel
Rohit Sangar

D400 - Team 10

Matt Quon
Naina Purie
Sharla Kwok
Fiona Ng
Ken Duong

D500 - Team 8

Kaitlyn Gee
Kaisty Lee
Termeh Moini
Aidan Nicholas Ramage
Daniel Hong Ju Song

For more information on the BUS 201 Case Challenge, please contact Project & Events Coordinator Graham Thibert.