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BBA: Kip Guthrie


Operations Management, Strategic Analysis, and Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Certificate

“I wholeheartedly encourage all students to get involved in the SFU community—there's something for everyone, and the rewards are truly boundless.”

My journey

My concentrations are in Operations Management, and Strategic Analysis with a Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Certificate.

An interest in business, combined with global sustainability trends, has helped me narrow my focus on corporate sustainability. It has become clear that companies facing climate challenges as well as regulatory and market pressures, will need professionals who can guide them toward sustainability goals without de-prioritizing profits.

My experience at SFU Beedie

My time at SFU Beedie has been filled with highlights and transformative experiences that have left an indelible mark on my academic and personal journey.

For two years, I was an active member of the Business Administration Student Society (BASS), serving as a finance coordinator and then VP of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

JDC West has been a huge part of my personal development. It became a centrepiece of my degree, offering not only accolades but also a network of like-minded and engaged students.

I've been involved in Enactus SFU, a social entrepreneurship club; the BASS Mentorship Program; the Case Competition Training Program; and PEAK case competition.

I'm a member of the SFU Men's Lacrosse team. This experience has not only allowed me to forge friendships but also provided me the opportunity to travel and win a conference championship against our rivals.

My coursework at SFU Beedie has played a strong role in shaping my development journey, particularly during an internship with TELUS Sustainability.

My BBA major comprised of:


Business Administration

Student engagement
  • BASS and BASS Mentorship Program
  • JDC West
  • Enactus SFU
  • Case Competition Training Program
  • PEAK case competition
  • Men's Lacrosse team member

Next Steps

I'm currently preparing for an exchange semester in Europe. Once I’ve completed my studies, my next focus is securing a strategic/leadership position with a company committed to sustainable business practices. I also hope to pursue my MBA to broaden my understanding and expertise. Eventually, I hope to play a role in the SFU Beedie Alumni community, leveraging my experiences and network to foster sustainable business excellence at SFU. I hope to leave a positive impact on both professional and academic communities that have been pivotal in shaping my development.