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Alexander Vedrashko

Associate Professor, Finance


Room: WMC 3337

Phone: 778.782.3471


Curriculum Vitae: View


Ph.D. (Berkeley), M.A. Statistics (Berkeley), M.S. Envir. Econ. (Berkeley), M.S., B.S. Econ. (Montana State)


Alexander Vedrashko joined the Beedie School of Business in September 2007 after earning his PhD from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. Alexander also holds three master's degrees - in economics, environmental and resource economics, and statistics. His current research interests focus on corporate policy, executive compensation, corporate governance, behavioral finance, and real estate finance.

Research Interests

Corporate finance; Payout policy; Anomalies; Executive compensation; Corporate governance; Real Estate Finance

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Michaely, R., Rubin, A., Segal, D., & Vedrashko, A. (2023). Do Differences in Analyst Quality Matter for Investors Relying on Consensus Information? Management Science.

Michaely, R., Rubin, A., & Vedrashko, A. (2016). Are Friday announcements special? Overcoming selection bias. Journal of Financial Economics, 122(1), 65-85.

Michaely, R., Rubin, A., & Vedrashko, A. (2016). Further evidence on the strategic timing of earnings news: Joint analysis of weekdays and times of day. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 62(1), 24-45.

Klein, P., Purdy, D., Schweigert, I., & Vedrashko, A. (2015). The Canadian Hedge Fund Industry: Performance and Market Timing. International Review of Finance, 15(3), 283-320.

Michaely, R., Rubin, A., & Vedrashko, A. (2014). Corporate governance and the timing of earnings announcements. Review of Finance, 18(6), 2003-2044.

Babenko, I., Tserlukevich, Y., & Vedrashko, A. (2012). The credibility of open market share repurchase signaling. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 47(5), 1059-1088.

books chapters and monographs

Shmeliov, G., McWilliams, B., Giraldez, J., & Vedrashko, A. (2002). Agricultural reform in Russia. In Klein, L., & Pomer, M. (Eds.), The New Russia: Transition Gone Awry (pp. 333-352). Stanford University Press.