February 2011



Employers that focus on building long term relationships with students, rather than hosting an event on an ad-hoc basis, enhance their brand on campus and are top of mind to students considering which companies to work for post-grad.

2011 has barely begun, and students, faculty and staff at SFU Business have been busy! Our students continue to make us proud at local and national competitions, faculty members are publishing research studies, student clubs are preparing to host gala events, and the Business Career Management Centre continues to create opportunities to engage members of the business community. This issue of the CMC e-newsletter highlights what we have been up to at SFU Business:

Klara Sinclair

Mentorship: help a student succeed and learn something about yourself

Klara Sinclair
Associate Director

The origins of mentoring are tied to the ancient Greeks. In Greek mythology, Odysseus put his close, trusted friend, Mentor, in charge of both his palace and son, Telemachus, when he left for the Trojan war. Because of this paternal-like relationship, ‘Mentor’ was adopted into the English language referencing a father-like/teacher relationship. Today, mentor refers to an individual who shares their life experiences, wisdom and values with someone less experienced, a mentee. Mentors help mentees in many ways: to advance in their careers, enhance their education, develop job search strategies, and build and/or expand professional networks.

If you have considered becoming a mentor, but are unsure of the commitment required, the CMC has put together a list of the top reasons you should consider when making your decision:

  1. Bridge the generation gap.  Most mentor/mentee relationships are between individuals from two very different generations. Through mentoring, each generation learns about the other’s motivations, career goals and attitudes. Learn how to work with and relate to a younger generation, and be more prepared with the skills you will need when they enter the workforce at your firm. 
  2. Learn something about yourself. Good mentees ask lots of questions! By seeing your job through the eyes of a mentee’s, you will gain a new perspective that could help you answer some tough questions about your own career, ultimately helping you with your own career progression.
  3. Skills development. Skills you gain as a mentor are transferable and will assist in your career progression. Organizations need managers with good people skills: an active listener who is a good judge of someone's skills and potential. You will work with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, practice offering constructive feedback, and learn how to inspire, motivate and support someone to make and take ownership for their decisions. In short, you’ll hone your leadership skills.
  4. Business strategy. Your inquisitive mentee will ask many questions relating to both your industry and company. As a mentor, it will force you to take a more active role in keeping on top of new trends and issues in your industry. 
  5. Set the standard for your industry. How else can you ensure continued success or implement change in the workforce in your industry? Mentoring helps individuals grow into the types of employees you would like to see at your organization.
  6. Pay it forward. Do as I say, not as I did! Mentors often indicate that they want to give back by either sharing a good experience or preventing someone from making mistakes that they had made at some point in their career. Remember how confused and stressed out you were when you started working? As a mentor, you can help make the transition easier for someone else. 
  7. Make an impact on someone's life! The personal satisfaction gained from the rewards of seeing someone you've helped progress and succeed is immeasurable. Your mentee will look up to you; as a result, you will have a large influence on your mentee’s career outlook. 
  8. Share your passion for your firm and industry. Passion and energy are contagious ... what better way to get someone else in the workforce to exhibit that same passion! You love your job - encourage someone else to feel the same!
  9. It’s the right thing to do! In today's world, corporations and their employees have a social obligation and responsibility to give back. We owe it to our youth to share our wisdom so that they can learn from decisions made in the past and make better ones. Help facilitate the decision-making process that will take place in the future and that can impact the world as we know it.

This spring, the SFU Business Career Management Centre will be launching a pilot MBA mentoring program which we plan to later expand to other business graduate and undergraduate students. If you are interested in learning more and/or participating, please email Klara Sinclair at klaras@sfu.ca.  We will add you to our list of individuals to receive information when the program is launched.


Canada Summer Jobs and Business Co-op

BBA studentsAttention public sector employers, small businesses that employ fewer than 50 people, and not-for-profit organizations: you may be eligible to receive funding to hire one or more students for your workplace this summer. One of the best ways to fill a Canada Summer Job is with a student from the SFU Business Co-op program!

Our undergraduate students with concentrations in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, international business, management information systems and marketing are qualified for these funded positions because they will be returning to academic studies at SFU in the fall.  In addition, co-op students are well prepared for the workplace-having completed an intensive employment readiness program, and bringing with them a variety of language, computer, project management and other skills that they are eager to put to work.

Next steps:

  • Consult the Applicant Guide available February 1 for employer eligibility requirements.
  • Submit your application to Service Canada before February 28.
  • When your position is approved, forward a job posting to SFU Business Co-op (bus-coop@sfu.ca).  You will receive a cover letter, resume and transcript from each qualified student, which will be forwarded to you in one online package by the SFU Business Co-op office.
  • You select whom you would like to shortlist, and our office will arrange the interviews-it is that simple!

There is no charge to post a position, and no obligation to hire, should you not find a suitably qualified student. However, we think you will be impressed by the experience and enthusiasm of SFU Business Co-op students. Each year, over 200 are hired during the spring, summer and fall semesters in positions throughout Canada and around the world.

Questions?  Please contact us at bus-coop@sfu.ca or check us out at www.sfu.ca/coop/bus


Invest in your employees - consider graduate studies through SFU Business

SegalThere are many reasons employers encourage their employees to further their education, including employee satisfaction and retention, an improved employee skill set, an expanded company network, and as an aid in a company's overall recruitment efforts.

SFU Business offers several outstanding graduate business programs at the Segal Graduate School of Business. Two programs in particular are tailored specifically for working professionals.

EXECUTIVE MBA (EMBA). Pioneered for working professionals in 1968, and designed specifically for working managers, professionals and emerging business leaders, this program builds a 360 degree understanding of theoretical and operational business models, with specific emphasis on leadership, strategic analysis and change management - all from a global perspective, which is critical in today's international marketplace.

Meeting in a classroom setting all day Friday and Saturday, every other weekend over a 19 month period, working professionals learn from both their peers and faculty. The result? Professionals gain new perspectives on issues currently challenging your organization. 

MBA IN MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY (MOT MBA). Designed in collaboration with industry leaders to mirror the challenging situations facing the technology sector, this MBA is a dynamic mix of solid academic theory complemented by practical experience. The program serves two sectors, technology and biotechnology, and is ideal for those wishing to transition from scientific or technical roles, or for those already on the management track, to gain a competitive advantage for more senior positions.

Working professionals meet every Monday and Wednesday evenings over a 24 month period.

Both the EMBA and MOT MBA are part time programs, meaning your employees will continue to work full-time, whilst enriching their skill set and immediately applying what they learn on the job. For additional program information, please contact Melissa McCrae, Executive Director of Graduate Programs, at 778-782-5023 or mccrae@sfu.ca.

To RVSP for an upcoming information session, where faculty and staff will be in attendance to answer your questions, please click here.


Meet Our Students!

Iqbal BrarIqbal Brar
MBA, 2010

For Iqbal Brar, the MBA program offered through SFU Business was engaging, comprehensive and transformational, and taught him the importance of business strategy, strategic analysis and strategic planning. The program exceeded his expectations and gave him the opportunity to work with a multi-national, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural cohort that took student experience and engagement to a superior level.

To read more about Iqbal, click here.



Eamon IdaEamon Ida
4th year BBA
Concentration: Marketing
Estimated completion date: April 2012
Area of interest: Advertising and Marketing

Right now: Eamon works as a freelance graphic designer, social media consultant, and SFU teaching assistant.

As a graphic designer, Eamon meets with clients, creates and revises professional design work samples, and presents clients with a final product. The work requires him to use a variety of professional programs, including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

To read more about Eamon, click here.


Gold Stars

SFU students make big impact at MBA Games

A team of SFU MBA students were the top-ranked BC team at the 2011 MBA Games, held in January in Toronto.  The SFU team placed fourth overall out of 20 of the top MBA programs across Canada. The group of 39 full-time and Management of Technology MBA students travelled to Toronto for the university's triumphant return to the highly regarded competition.... Read More >>

Budding investment bankers from SFU enjoy healthy returns at prestigious finance event

A team of Master of Financial Risk Management (MFRM) students placed second in the National Investment Banking Competition held in January at UBC. The annual high finance showdown featured 67 teams from across Canada.  Lauren Looi, Simon Hutchison, Milton-Andres Bernal and Ashkan Ziabakhshdeylami made up the SFU team, named "The Vault".... Read More >>

SFU undergrads win prestigious marketing prize

May Yu and Emily Chua won top prize in the marketing category at one of Canada's most prestigious university competitions. Hosted by Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (I.C.B.C) is Canada's premier undergraduate business case competition. .... Read More >>


SFU Business in the News

SqueezePlay kicks off their search for Canada's best new entrepreneur by interviewing SFU's Terry Beech

In the first of an ongoing series BNN speaks to Terry Beech: CEO of the crowd-sourcing company, hiretheworld.com. Click here to watch the interview.

Study: Engage consumers using social media

According to SFU researchers, it isn't enough for today's companies to pay lip service to social media when developing successful marketing strategies. Firms need to focus more on increasing two-way engagement through social media channels. This means garnering consumer participation beyond the monetary level, by creating opportunities for them to spend time with a brand or product.  Entitled The New WTP - Willingness to Participate, the research article is slated for spring publication in the management journal Business Horizons. It was authored ... Read More >>


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