Brent McFerran

Assistant Professor, Marketing
BCom (University of Manitoba), PhD (University of British Columbia)

Burnaby Room: WMC 4370
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.9729

Email Address:


Brent McFerran's research examines social and interpersonal influences in consumer behavior. He examines how the presence and actions of other consumers affect the choices we make ourselves. In addition, his work examines how social identity shapes consumption. His research has been published in leading outlets in both marketing and psychology. He holds a B.Comm(Hons.) from the University of Manitoba and a Ph.D from the University of British Columbia. For more information, see

Specialization and Research Interests

Social and interpersonal influences; Consumer identity; Moral psychology and prosocial behavior

Selected Publications

1.  Karnani, Aneel, Brent McFerran, and Anirban Mukhopadhyay (2014), “Leanwashing: A Hidden Factor in the Obesity Crisis”. California Management Review, 56 (4), 5-30.

2.  McFerran, Brent, Karl Aquino, and Jessica L. Tracy (2014), “Evidence for Two Facets of Pride in Consumption: Findings From Luxury Brands”. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24 (4), 455-471.

3.  Gu, Jun, Brent McFerran, Karl Aquino, and Tai Gyu Kim (2014), “What Makes Affirmative Action-Based Hiring Decisions Seem (Un)Fair? A Test of an Ideological Explanation for Fairness Judgments”. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35 (5), 722-745.

4.  McFerran, Brent and Jennifer J. Argo, (2014), “The Entourage Effect” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (5, February), 871-884.

5.  McFerran, Brent and Anirban Mukhopadhyay (2013), “Lay Theories of Obesity Predict Actual Body Mass”, Psychological Science, 24 (8), 1428-1436.

6.  Aquino, Karl, Brent McFerran, and Marjorie Laven (2011), “Moral Identity and the Experience of Moral Elevation in Response to Acts of Uncommon Goodness”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 100(4), 703-718.

7.  McFerran, Brent, Darren W. Dahl, Gerald J. Gorn, and Heather L. Honea (2010), “Motivational Determinants of Transportation into Marketing Narratives”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20(3), 306-316.

8.  McFerran, Brent, Darren W. Dahl, Gavan J. Fitzsimons, and Andrea C. Morales (2010), “Might an Overweight Waitress Make You Eat More? How The Body Type of Others is Sufficient to Alter Our Food Consumption”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20(2), 146-151.

9.  McFerran, Brent, Darren W. Dahl, Gavan J. Fitzsimons, and Andrea C. Morales (2010), “I’ll Have What She’s Having: Effects of Social Influence and Body Type on the Food Choices of Others”. Journal of Consumer Research, 36(6, April). 915-929.

10.  McFerran, Brent, Karl Aquino, and Michelle Duffy (2010), “How Personality and Moral Identity Relate to Individuals’ Ethical Ideology”. Business Ethics Quarterly, 20(1), 35-56.

11.  Freeman, Dan, Karl Aquino, and Brent McFerran (2009), “Overcoming Beneficiary Race as an Impediment to Charitable Donations: Social Dominance Orientation, the Experience of Moral Elevation, and Donation Behavior”. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35(1), 72-84. 

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