Sarah Lubik

Lecturer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BBA (Hons) (Simon Fraser University), MPhil (University of Cambridge), PhD (University of Cambridge)

Surrey Room: SUR 5022
Surrey Phone: 778.782.9664

Email Address:


Sarah Lubik is currently focused on stimulating and supporting university-based entrepreneurship with a focus on interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and innovation. In her research, she is particularly interested in early-stage strategy formation, partnerships, market selection, innovation ecosystems and incubation.

Prior to joining the Beedie School of Business, Dr. Lubik worked in the Centre for Strategy and Performance at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. She has also worked as a business coach, specializing in market analysis, and project manager and coordinator on a number of international European projects aimed at supporting start-up firms through incubation. She is also actively involved in entrepreneurship, as the Marketing Director of Lungfish Dive Systems.

Specialization and Research Interests

University entrepreneurship, Incubation, Start-up support, Commercialization of advanced technologies, Innovation Ecosystems, Partnerships, Early market identification, selection and risk, and Value creation

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Sarah Lubik; Elizabeth Garnsey

Early business model evolution in science-based ventures: The case of advanced materials

2015 | Long Range Planning.

Elicia Maine; Sarah Lubik; Elizabeth Garnsey

Value creation strategies for science-based business: A study of advanced materials ventures

2013 | Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice. 15(1): 35-51

Sarah Lubik; Nicky Dee; Ken Platts; Tim Minshall

Succeeding in emerging industries: Handbook for manufacturing start-ups


Sarah Lubik

Achieve more: The results


Sarah Lubik; Sirirat Lim; Ken Platts; Tim Minshall

Market-pull and technology-push in manufacturing start-ups in emerging industries

2013 | Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. 24(1): 10-27

Sarah Lubik; Elizabeth Garnsey

Commercializing nanotechnology innovations from university spin-out companies

2008 | Nanotechnology Perceptions. 4: 225-238

Sarah Lubik; Elizabeth Garnsey; Tim Minshall; Ken Platts

Value creation from the innovation environment: Partnership strategies from university spin-outs

2013 | R and D Management Journal. 43(2): 136-150

Teaching Related Material

Sarah Lubik; Elizabeth Chell; Elizabeth Garnsey; Mine Karatas-Özkan

Entrepreneurial innovation in science-based firms

2014 | Book Chapter, Textbook - New | Handbook of Research in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Chapter 17:

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