Build Your Career


Be Connected | Beedie gives you the guidance and support that you need to discover your passions and pursue your own career path. You’ll have opportunities to meet with working professionals, complete Co-op or internships, and learn about a variety of jobs to kick-start your career.


You have the opportunity to shape your career path here at Beedie. Whether that path includes discovering what type of jobs your interests fall under, or putting together an outstanding job application, Beedie staff members are here to support you. You can partake in programs, events, workshops, and arrange a one-on-one meeting with a Career Advisor.


Exploring the many options you have in the world of business is a key aspect in building your career. At Beedie you can get first-hand experience of what jobs in different areas of business are really like. With Co-operative Education you can alternate between semesters of working and attending classes. This will help you discover jobs that you are and are not interested in.

You can also capitalize on opportunities related to meeting different employers, which includes company tours and mentorship programs. Your opportunities to explore and build your career here at Beedie will give you invaluable experience for when you head out into the workforce.

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