Peter Clarkson

  • Adjunct Professor, Finance
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    Research Interests

    valuation of environmental capital expenditures

    Selected Publications

    Articles and Reports

    Jung, J., Herbohn, K., & Clarkson, P. (2018). Carbon risk, carbon risk awareness and the cost of debt financing. Journal of Business Ethics, 150(4), 1151-1171.

    Clarkson, P., Gray, S. F., & Ragunathan, V. (2017). Market timing as an explanation for the short-lived premium on cross-listing. Accounting and Finance.

    Herbohn, K., Gao, R., & Clarkson, P. (2017). Evidence on whether banks consider carbon risk in their lending decisions. Journal of Business Ethics.

    Benson, K., Clarkson, P., Smith, T., & Tutticci, I. (2016). Corrigendum to: A review of accounting research in the Asia Pacific region. Australian Journal of Management, 41(4), 660-661.

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