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Dr. Philip Grant recently received his PhD in Industrial Marketing and Management under the supervision of Esmail Salehi-Sangari and Leyland Pitt from KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Grant holds a B.Mus (Opera) from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver). In 2004 Philip co-founded The Canadian Tenors and in 2006 subsequently founded Romanza Entertainment. In addition to his administrative duties as Executive Director, he has since performed and produced over 300 professional operatic performances around the world. Recent performances have included engagements with San Francisco Opera and the National Centre for Performing Arts in Seoul Korea.

Dr. Grant has lectured to MBA students at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), Universidad de los Andes, (Bogota, Colombia), HEC-Montreal, EADA (Barcelona), UNBC (Prince George), as well as undergraduates at SFU, the University of Anchorage/Alaska and the University of Minnesota. Philip has published in Marketing Theory, Journal of Marketing Communication, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Product and Brand Management, and Journal of Financial Services Marketing amongst others. Recently, he was co-editor of a special issue of The International Journal of Arts Management; a journal in which he has also published. He has presented his work at several international academic conferences, was a finalist at the Association for Consumer Research Conference Film Festival for his short film: “Impact of an Operatic Flash Mob on Consumer Behaviour”, and was recently awarded Best Paper at the 2015 Academy of Marketing conference. Philip’s current research interests focus on arts and culture marketing and management. 

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

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