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General Contact Information

Academic Advising

Future Students: If you are already at SFU and have questions about internal transfer requirements or program options, please email

If you are studying at another university, college, or secondary school, please go here to learn more or email

Current Students: Log into Advisor Link with your SFU Computing ID and password to accesss drop-in sessions and book an academic advising appointment.

Booked Appointments: Booked one-on-one advising appointments are available for lengthier, complex questions related to:

  • Admissions

  • Academic difficulty– academic standing, probation and continuance, course repeats

  • Course & degree planning

  • Concentration and certificate planning

Drop-in Sessions: Online weekly drop-in advising sessions are for quick questions related to:

  • Enrollment and waitlists

  • Current and next term planning

  • Program Requirements

For additional information on accessing our drop in academic advising services, please click here.

Email: If you would like to ask a question over e-mail, please contact If you are a current student, please send your question via your e-mail address and include your SFU student number.

Examples of email questions:

  • Grad checks

  • Admission inquiries

  • Repeat questions

  • General questions

Business Course Access & Planning (BCAP) Academic Advising: Students who have received notification regarding BUS Course Access are invited to book their Business Course Access & Planning (BCAP) session by logging into Beedie Community.

Our Team

Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs & Academic Success Shane Simpson
Manager, Academic Success and Advising Sakura Plochl
Manager, Academic Success and Advising Benjamin Li
Coordinator, Student Success Hilary Kangas
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Heather Dunbar
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Elda Hajdarovac
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Kelly Kim
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Katelyn Lohr
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Melissa Tamer
Recruitment, Academic & Student Affairs Advisor Hiroshi Yasuoka

Admissions Advising

Prospective students are encouraged to connect with our admissions and recruitment team here.

Our Team

Associate Director, Student Recruitment David Semail
Associate Director, Strategic Enrollment Management Michelle Corbett
Manager, Student Recruitment Crystal Milne
Coordinator, Student Recruitment Katherine Harris
Coordinator, Student Recruitment Joban Machhiana
Manager, Admissions and Enrollment Jayna Bhindi
Coordinator, Admissions and Enrollment Danielle Hogan

General Contact Information
WMC 2605

Career Advising

Career Advising appointments will be delivered both online and in person. Please book on Beedie Community.

  • Online Appointments - Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Zoom)
  • In-Person or Online Appointments - Monday - Thursday 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. (WMC 2605 or Zoom)
  • Drop-In Online Career Advising - Monday - Thursday 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. (Zoom Link)

Our Team

Associate Director, Undergraduate CareersDarelle Odo
BBA Career AdvisorAwna Besan
BBA Career AdvisorPhilip Cheung
BBA Career AdvisorKristy Vail
BBA Career AdvisorSarita Naidu
CMC Program AssistantJill Liu

General Contact Information
Room: WMC 2382

Manager, Student Development and Engagement Mara Schaffler
Student Engagement and Development Coordinator Stephanie Reinhardt
Student Engagement and Development Coordinator Onisokumen Singerr
Student Engagement and Development Coordinator Hansel Wu
Projects & Events Coordinator Student Engagement Fernanda Amaro

General Contact Information

Director, International Programs & Partnerships Rebecca Rytir
Associate Director, International Programs Alana McGillivray
Study Abroad Advisor

General Contact Information


Program ManagerShauna Tonsaker
Co-op CoordinatorJessica Arratia
Co-op CoordinatorCaroline Wakelin
Co-op CoordinatorLaura Brock
Co-op CoordinatorNancy Hawkins
Co-op CoordinatorYan Jin
Co-op CoordinatorMichael Ford
Career AdvisorKristina Tzetzos
Program AssistantAdrienne Marino