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The most successful leaders bravely look through the eyes of others. They step out of their comfort zone and engage in the most difficult discussions—for they know that the richest opportunities are identified in mutual learning.

Indigenous and non-indigenous leaders are looking for skills and insights that will improve their work together. For over a decade, Beedie has been working with First Nation communities to strengthen skills and economic development strategies that promise security, preserve culture, and protect territory. Similarly, we have worked with non-indigenous leaders to explore the intertwining of tradition and business central to Indigenous priorities. Most importantly, we bring everyone together.


Designed in collaboration with the Industry Council for Indigenous Business, this program invited company/community leaders into each other’s environments for frank discussions and idea sharing about Indigenous/corporate relations in British Columbia. The cohort included leaders of the Tsawwassen First Nation, Kinder Morgan Canada, Chehalis First Nation, Plutonic Power Corporation, Coldwater Indian Band, and Coast Hotels and Resorts. The impact was felt on many levels, including the continued inspiration this program has provided for other related endeavours. Contact us to express interest in a similar experience.

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The Executive MBA in Indigenous Business and Leadership explores contemporary business issues and knowledge while recognizing that traditional knowledge also plays a significant role in indigenous leadership and decision-making. It is a response to First Nations priorities, such as establishing independent sources of income and control over traditional territories.


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