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Warren Fazio

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA and what drew you to the SFU Beedie School of Business?

After working for a few years in the technology industry as a contractor, I realized that it was time to change my career trajectory. I have always wanted to attend Simon Fraser University. While I was not able to attend SFU when I completed my undergraduate degree, I made it a priority to return one day to complete a Master’s program. I was further inspired to choose SFU Beedie for my MBA after learning more about the small class sizes and opportunities to network with a diverse cohort of students and alumni.

What has been your favourite moment or experience at Beedie so far? What are you looking forward to?

My favourite experience at Beedie so far has been having the opportunity to connect with students from around the world and provide a positive contribution in class conversations. Beedie is a unique program because it represents many diverse countries, backgrounds, and professional work histories. While I am only one month through my MBA journey, I have been able to learn so much from my peers. I highly look forward to having more opportunities in the future to connect with my cohort and learn more about the diverse backgrounds that are represented in the program.

How would you describe SFU Beedie’s culture?

I would describe the culture of Beedie as being extremely student centric. From my earliest interactions with the Beedie team, it became abundantly clear that everyone involved with the Beedie community is hyper focused on ensuring positive outcomes for students in the MBA program. I appreciate being part of a community where I don’t have to be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance from those who have lived through a similar experience.